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Articles - nekretnina

We spoke with Boris Bakač, owner of a company that deals with advanced software solutions for design and visualization in architecture

1. Tell us a little more about your company? Digital Media d.o.o. from Čakovec (digitalmedia.hr) has in its offer advanced software solutions for design and visualization in architecture and related activities. We offer our customers advice, training and comprehensive support when using the software. From our offer we would like to point out: SketchUp Pro - currently the most popular tool for 3D modeling with open architecture for extensions, V-Ray - one of the most respected rendering solutions for photorealistic displays of 3D models, ArCon Professional - simple and fast software for 3D design and visualization completely translated in Croatian, ARCHLine.XP - an advanced and comprehensive tool for architectural and interior design, WETO Viskon - software for 3D design and production of wooden houses and roof structures and ZWCAD - classic CAD and for the most complex projects using the standard AutoCAD DWG format. 2. Some new technologies for displaying commercial spaces are coming (VR, AR, 3D displays). Can you tell us a little more about that? Computer 3D display uses computer graphics techniques to display an existing or new space or model. Representations can be from linear to photorealistic, in the form of a static image or film. They are usually displayed on two-dimensional surfaces as a projection of a 3D model. It is also possible to have a stereoscopic display by creating two different images for the left and right eye or a spatial display using, for example, a hologram. VR (Virtual Reality) or virtual reality is a technology of complete immersion of users in computer-generated space. The user has a sense of presence in that virtual space and can interact with the elements in the space and control the movement. VR requires more complex equipment for the user: eg special helmets / masks, gloves with sensors and more. AR (Augmented Reality) or augmented reality is a technology of inserting computer-generated content into the user's field of vision. The space can be supplemented with new, virtual elements, such as a new wall color or a new desk, or just informative messages, such as additional information about the room we are looking at, the price and delivery time of cabinets in our field of vision and the like. For the augmented realities we use, a mobile device with a camera and a screen for displaying the environment with inserted content is enough. More comfortable systems are possible with glasses with a built-in projection system for the pupils of our eyes. 3. How can we use 3D views in advertising business premises? The three-dimensional display allows the customer to register all aspects of the advertised space faster. The customer can more easily imagine the relationships of individual elements, notice the layout of the room faster, register the heights of individual parts of the room, windows, niches and the like compared to the 2D floor plan. From the 3D model of the business space, we can generate views from different points of view: we generate floor plans, cross-sections and views that best represent the business space according to the client's request. It is possible to automatically generate a statement of measurements of individual elements of space: surfaces of rooms, walls, volumes,… In the existing 3D model of space we can place the user's specific objects and see and explore their position in space. 4. How can renders help advertise business premises? Renders give us a photorealistic or non-photorealistic (by mimicking different art styles) image of a 3D model of a business space. In the photorealistic display, the customer can see realistic, already existing materials and equipment or a space simulation with materials and equipment of their choice. It can also investigate the relationships of light and darkness in a space, what effect individual lighting gives and whether, for example, lighting is suitable for the activity and how it changes during the working day. On the other hand, a more abstract rendering of a (non-photorealistic) business space model makes it easier for the customer to imagine the space, for example details and colors, without predefined constraints or settings. 5. How can new technologies change the display and only advertising of commercial buildings, and only the real estate market? 3D models allow the client to choose the ways to view the business space, be it photorealistic, abstract, with their own equipment or offered equipment. In this way, even before the purchase or lease of space, the buyer "adjusts" and adjusts it to their liking and thus significantly facilitates the sale or lease. Today, almost all of us have mobile devices that support augmented reality (AI) technology. With appropriate applications, we can supplement the advertised business space with information, graphic elements or specific objects tailored to the customer. Or the customer can insert their own equipment into the space. For larger projects and for significant customers, the use of virtual reality technology is cost-effective. The customer immerses the space, tours it with a virtual walk and thus gets a direct experience of the value of movables. 

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Luxury houses near Pula are for sale at ASTRONOMICAL PRICES!

There is a lot of work, a lot of inquiries and demand, and a lot of realization. People who have money want to invest in real estate to keep some value, reveals Romina Činko, Labin real estate agent

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We spoke with the team from Lindström Croatia. Learn more about their range of mats and why mats are an important part of the design of your business space!

Can you tell us a bit more about you, how long have you been represented on the Croatian market? Lindström is a Finnish company with over 170 years of experience in renting and maintaining mats and work clothes. The company is present in 24 markets across Europe and Asia. Our own workwear factories in Europe allow us flexibility and fast delivery of products to our customers. We have been operating in Croatia since 2013. We opened a laundry in Zagreb and offer rental and maintenance services throughout Croatia. How many rug collections do you have on offer? In offer we have: - standard mats of different colors, - design of mats made according to the client's request, - ergonomic mats that make it easier to stand for a long time when doing work, and - external rubber mats for entrances to the premises. In your opinion, why is a mat an important part of the interior design of any business space? The mat at the entrance to the space, in addition to giving warmth to the space like any carpet, also gives the visitor the impression that the owner cares about the cleanliness of the space he enters. Mats of any kind are extremely functional because they remove dirt from shoes that would further explode in space. The misconception is that only during rainy and snowy days dirt is brought into the space. You would be surprised how much sand and dust our mats retain throughout the year. We see this best according to the degree of water contamination after washing in our machines and the sand separator that we regularly maintain. The mat also makes it easier to clean the rest of the space because the coarse dirt that is brought into the space remains on the mat. This reduces the cost of maintaining the space in terms of less time the cleaner spends, less chemicals, water for maintenance and the like. It is important to emphasize that we maintain mats in an environmentally friendly way using appropriate detergents and minimize water and energy consumption by using the right washing programs. Do you offer custom-made mats and design proposals? Design mats can be made according to the requirements and wishes of the client where they can communicate various marketing ideas, customer brand or simply messages such as Welcome, Watch the stairs, signposts, etc. We also offer pre-designed mats by our designers in various forms such as a doormat in the form of a signpost to the toilet, the marking of floors in buildings and many others. Mat shapes can be different and in different sizes. Briefly explain how your service works? Our service works very simply. Once all the elements needed to make a mat have been agreed upon, the rest is our concern. The elements include the definition of the type of mat, the size of the mat, the design (if you want your own or something from our offer), and the monthly frequency of change. Our sales representative can help you choose the help of our live design tool application where it takes a picture of your space and virtually sets up different mats to make it easier to visualize the space. After agreement on the product, the frequency of changing the mat is defined (weekly, biweekly, fortnightly or at least every four weeks). After signing the contract, the service can start. In accordance with the agreement on the day of delivery, our delivery people will bring clean mats and collect dirty ones. Mats can also be fixed with a velcro to the floor to further avoid moving the mat and the possibility of the mat sliding in space. The frequencies of changes can also change during the year depending on the seasons, and the mats can be moved to another location if the client's company moves. The service is very flexible and suitable for all industries and spaces.

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Strong growth in residential property prices in the EU; Croatia below the European average

EU real estate prices rose the strongest in almost 14 years in the first quarter, with Croatia recording its weakest growth in just over three years, slipping below the European average, a Eurostat report showed on Thursday.

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The appetites of property owners, however, are too great

Real estate is still a desirable investment, both in Europe and in the Republic of Croatia. The impact of the pandemic on the purchasing power of investors is felt, but it does not affect the price, which continues to grow on average. It has a negative impact primarily on real estate transactions, ie it is the cause of a decrease in the number of transactions throughout Croatia.

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Trends in the real estate market during this year in the region

If we focus on the overview of real estate movements in the region, we can conclude that in the years behind us, the demand was great. The reason for that is that an increasing number of people are moving to cities, where there is the largest offer of jobs.

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We talked to Dino Tokomović about how to organize a quality relocation of office space

Our family business was founded in 1978 in Zagreb. Since its inception, the primary activity is the provision of relocation services and related activities such as furniture disassembly / assembly, loading and unloading services, sales of packaging materials (packaging box, adhesive tapes, transparent foils, foil with air pockets, glass wrapping paper, ceramic and porcelain items, etc.) Since its establishment, we have also equipped our vehicles and their cargo space to be subject to the greatest possible safety of furniture, both from the weather and from possible damage during transport. Vehicles have always been (except in the early beginnings, when we talk about some other possibilities, both because of the system at the time, because of the choice of vehicles) hard sides of the box type, size 32-39 m3 and vans up to 16 m3, upholstered interior cargo space, with 30-40 covers for furniture protection and straps for tying furniture. When moving office space, the organization of the company that is moving is important. On the agreed day of moving, if everything is packed in boxes, if the "drawers" are emptied. disconnected computers, server closet disassembled, "moving will be a song". Of course, boxes, furniture, equipment, etc. for efficient moving should also be adequately marked so that when unloading they know where which box, furniture or inf. the equipment goes into which room. Depending on the dimensions, the boxes should not be cluttered (especially with archives, papers and documents), so it is better to take boxes of smaller dimensions. From the experience of "problems" in moving office space, they would eventually single out the inf. equipment, which in the end in most cases we have to disconnect ourselves, the bias of the boxes and not the organization of the company that is moving. For more information contact - https://selidbe-tokmovic.hr/

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Despite the pandemic, real estate prices in Croatia continue to rise

In Croatia, housing prices continue to rise. And with earthquakes and uncertain economic trends in the pandemic. But the pandemic still led to a slight drop in property sales.

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