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Nino Frkovic Mirta Ceranac Poljak - M7 Real Estate Hrvatska d.o.o.

Take a look at the design of an office space that takes up an entire floor of the Matrix Office Park building

Delight Office Solution presents the newly renovated space designed for L’Oréal, located in Zagreb’s most attractive business center. Delight designed a turnkey office space that takes up an entire floor of the Matrix Office Park building. Starting from preliminary design and project development, all the way to construction and installation work, the 1600 m² space was prepared for final equipping. The workspace was divided into 150 work stations, which enabled efficient and easy flow through various office areas.     L’Oréal is one of the beauty industry giants that embraced the concept of office neighborhoods, creating communities composed of 30 to 50 employees. Office neighborhoods foster collaboration and increase productivity and smart redeployment of office space, based on each team’s and individual’s needs for different work environments. Open spaces contain at least one soundproof location, such as Framery phone booth, which was also L’Oréal’s choice in each of the six open office districts.     Open-space office neighborhoods allow you to complete various types of tasks thanks to their wide range of collaborative, meeting and individual zones. Corporate policy advocates flexible use of workspaces, which means that employees choose the workspaces that are vacant upon their arrival at the office. With frequent changes from fixed to adjustable workstations, employees allow each other to consume a healthier way of working. Desk top adjustability is possible if you choose Migration desks by Steelcase – height-adjustable workstations that ergonomically adapt to the needs of each individual user and therefore increase his or her wellbeing.     Delight designed a range of small bubble and meeting zones. Since the client had demanded reinforced sound insulation combined with wooden or glass doors, Delight chose FG2 double-glazed glass partitions by Deko.       Cafeteria   L'Oréal's goal was to provide employees with a comfortable space for breaks, socialization and smaller formal meetings. Using the structure of a canteen, Delight designed the space so that the flow of people cannot be disturbed because there are no narrow passages. The kitchen also had to be designed with this in mind – so that it can handle a crowd of people. L'Oréal avoided strong colors in the cafeteria in order to encourage staff to simultaneously work and take a break from their work environment.       MEETING ZONES   L’Oréal recognized the higher demand for transforming workspaces from a conference room into a smaller meeting room and contrary. In order to create agile work areas, Delight chose Steelcase’s FlipTop desks that are quick and easy to flip, and allow both elimination and easy addition of workspace for a larger number of participants. Using these tables, Delight created a dynamic space that can easily be reorganized, depending on the type of task.       A positive space was created by choosing Interface's carbon neutral flooring. L'Oréal's choice was a combination of Employ textile collection and LVT flooring, which, thanks to various design solutions, resulted in a visual separation of different zones.   Project details: The project included the development of preliminary design, main design, interior design and furnishing. All custom-made pieces of furniture were created – from drafts to manufacturing. The main project included architectural, installation and lighting work, as well as complete furnishing. Range of works: construction, crafts and installation work, bringing the office space into life and giving it a purpose Partners: Steelcase; Interface; Deko; Framery Room size: 1.600 m² Location: Matrix Office Park, 1C Slavonska avenija, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia Completion year: 2019.   Delight Office Croatia  

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Delight brings you why a complete redecoration of the office is the best choice

“Turnkey” workspace adaptation is an increasingly popular concept, especially in terms of the complete redecoration of the office. The integration of construction work and office design makes the overall process of redecoration easier for the clients. Karlo Šamu, Sales Manager at Delight Office Solution, provided us with more details on the process of complete redecoration of the office.

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5 Key Elements of an Engaging Property Website

If your commercial property has available space to rent now or in the future, the digital presence is inevitable in order to be remarkable on the market. Here are the 5 key elements of your online presence and property website, given by Bence Fedor, Brand Manager & UI/UX Designer at Online Real Assets.

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Tenant experience brought up to next level

Vincent Vallois MRICS, Co-Founder of Online Real Assets – CEE Partner of Spaceflow tenant experience application – sees the market from a new perspective. Online Real Assets has just launched Spaceflow in Hungary and they see great potential and momentum for a space-as-service transition of the commercial real estate market.

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SPACEFLOW takes Real Estate From Space-to-rent to Space-as-a-service Business“ -

With co-working experiences booming around the globe, workspaces are becoming much more than four walls and a table. Spaceflow, a Czech startup, challenges our imagination and creativity to reshape how we think of Real Estate. Are we ready for it?

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You Should Know Before Selecting an Office Building

What does looking for office mean?

Our office search function is unique on the local office search portals. This function turns around the office search process. It is not you who has to search and ask for offers one by one from the office buildings, but the office buildings are competing for You! You indicate where, for how much and what kind of office you are looking for and our system sends your request to all office buildings matching your search criteria.

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What is included in Building PR?

The Building PR ensures to our registered Partners the publication of the short news and transactions connected to their companies and office buildings.

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What is a Sublease Office and what are its advantages?

Tenants often measure poorly their own space requirements, which may change significantly due to the effect of the current economic situation or the strategy of the mother company. When bigger office spaces are released the best solution could be to sublease. At the same time it is worth to know that circumstances of subletting are often controlled and conditioned by the owner. In Western Europe the sublease rent practice is more popular than in the Central-Eastern European countries. The sub-lessee can take advantage not only from the favorable price but also of not having to commit themselves for at least 5 years in this uncertain market environment but only until the end of the remaining rental period. This is a great opportunity for those small businesses who do not want to commit themselves for a long period. It is important to know that unlike the general office market offers, these sublease possibilities are not publicly advertised but are only available through real estate brokers and advisers. The advisers, having extensive market knowledge, help to find the balance between the sub-lessor and subtenant, creating favorable contract conditions for both parties.

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