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Business center bee@work offers serviced offices which means furnished offices including utilities, cleaning, security and on top of that we offer free Internet (50/50), parking in...

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Stanovi se grade za znanstvene novake, a prednost imaju gradski zaposlenici?!

Logično je da stanovi ne trebaju ostati prazni. Ali ako u Gradu ne očekuju znanstvenike, treba se zapitati o projektu

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Ukleti toranj - Divila mu se cijela bivša država, a sad je ostao napušten od svih

Agrokor u tornju ima 17 katova, a dvorana i poslovni prostori u prolazu su gradski Nema vam tu više nakita, ali kad ste mršavi, lijepi ste i bez njega – pred zatvorenim vrata Carisme podno Cibonina tornja simpatična umirovljenica okom nam je davala mig na neonsku reklamu susjednog izloga koja je nudila “napitak za skidanje kilograma” po akcijskoj cijeni. Svaki je tjedan nešto drugo na rasprodaji, objasnila je. Ona zna, dodala je, jer svaki dan prolazi istim “sivim putem” pored tornja i Doma Dražena Petrovića.

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How to Make Drones a Powerful Tool for the Real Estate Market

Twenty years ago, real estate developers used to consider the aerial photographs and videos as the only possibility (beside simulations) to give them and their clients a fabulous insight about the project’s features or failures. Pricey, hard to get and hard to process, photographing and filming “from above” was done with the aid of helicopters or taller buildings in the neighbourhood.

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Interview with Branislav Pengov, Managing Director at Centrice Management Zagreb Ltd.

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Interview with Livija Martinović from the company Bee.Activities

From now on, modern offices will be available in the eastern part of Zagreb.

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You Should Know Before Selecting an Office Building

The uploaded news and transactions are appearing automatically?

No, before activating your news and transactions our colleague verifies the contents. If the content meets our editorial requirements it will appear directly on the portal.

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What is a Sublease Office and what are its advantages?

Tenants often measure poorly their own space requirements, which may change significantly due to the effect of the current economic situation or the strategy of the mother company. When bigger office spaces are released the best solution could be to sublease. At the same time it is worth to know that circumstances of subletting are often controlled and conditioned by the owner. In Western Europe the sublease rent practice is more popular than in the Central-Eastern European countries. The sub-lessee can take advantage not only from the favorable price but also of not having to commit themselves for at least 5 years in this uncertain market environment but only until the end of the remaining rental period. This is a great opportunity for those small businesses who do not want to commit themselves for a long period. It is important to know that unlike the general office market offers, these sublease possibilities are not publicly advertised but are only available through real estate brokers and advisers. The advisers, having extensive market knowledge, help to find the balance between the sub-lessor and subtenant, creating favorable contract conditions for both parties.

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How can I add new office building to my favorite ones?

Registered users can select the favorite office building by clicking on the favorite icon on the datasheet of the office building

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