Thus, those caterers who until now paid HRK 5,421 for 50 square meters in the city center could soon pay HRK 9,700.

The difference is more and more significant with the increase in square footage - according to the old "city price list", caterers would pay HRK 13.5 thousand to rent 70 m2 in the same location instead of the previous 6,288, while for those in the city area of 250 square meters, the rent increases as much as three and a half times (with 13 thousand to HRK 45,550).

This kind of calculation comes from the new draft proposal of the Conclusion on the criteria for determining the rent for business premises, which the City of Zagreb submitted for public consultation on the first day of February.

Judging by Article 8, adaptation to novelties goes only in one direction – in the direction of increasing, but not decreasing, the rental price. Namely, for those who have paid less than the new criteria, the rental price will increase.

Before, the prices differed according to the type of activity (is it catering or commercial space, office or craft activities, etc.), the zone in which the space is located, but also the size of the space itself.

Source: Seebizz/Jutarnji list