Can you tell us a bit more about you, how long have you been represented on the Croatian market?

Lindström is a Finnish company with over 170 years of experience in renting and maintaining mats and work clothes. The company is present in 24 markets across Europe and Asia. Our own workwear factories in Europe allow us flexibility and fast delivery of products to our customers. We have been operating in Croatia since 2013. We opened a laundry in Zagreb and offer rental and maintenance services throughout Croatia.

How many rug collections do you have on offer?

In offer we have:

- standard mats of different colors,
- design of mats made according to the client's request,
- ergonomic mats that make it easier to stand for a long time when doing work, and
- external rubber mats for entrances to the premises.

In your opinion, why is a mat an important part of the interior design of any business space?

The mat at the entrance to the space, in addition to giving warmth to the space like any carpet, also gives the visitor the impression that the owner cares about the cleanliness of the space he enters. Mats of any kind are extremely functional because they remove dirt from shoes that would further explode in space. The misconception is that only during rainy and snowy days dirt is brought into the space. You would be surprised how much sand and dust our mats retain throughout the year. We see this best according to the degree of water contamination after washing in our machines and the sand separator that we regularly maintain. The mat also makes it easier to clean the rest of the space because the coarse dirt that is brought into the space remains on the mat. This reduces the cost of maintaining the space in terms of less time the cleaner spends, less chemicals, water for maintenance and the like.

It is important to emphasize that we maintain mats in an environmentally friendly way using appropriate detergents and minimize water and energy consumption by using the right washing programs.

Do you offer custom-made mats and design proposals?

Design mats can be made according to the requirements and wishes of the client where they can communicate various marketing ideas, customer brand or simply messages such as Welcome, Watch the stairs, signposts, etc. We also offer pre-designed mats by our designers in various forms such as a doormat in the form of a signpost to the toilet, the marking of floors in buildings and many others. Mat shapes can be different and in different sizes.

Briefly explain how your service works?

Our service works very simply. Once all the elements needed to make a mat have been agreed upon, the rest is our concern. The elements include the definition of the type of mat, the size of the mat, the design (if you want your own or something from our offer), and the monthly frequency of change. Our sales representative can help you choose the help of our live design tool application where it takes a picture of your space and virtually sets up different mats to make it easier to visualize the space. After agreement on the product, the frequency of changing the mat is defined (weekly, biweekly, fortnightly or at least every four weeks). After signing the contract, the service can start. In accordance with the agreement on the day of delivery, our delivery people will bring clean mats and collect dirty ones. Mats can also be fixed with a velcro to the floor to further avoid moving the mat and the possibility of the mat sliding in space. The frequencies of changes can also change during the year depending on the seasons, and the mats can be moved to another location if the client's company moves. The service is very flexible and suitable for all industries and spaces.