Can you tell us a bit more about your company, what exactly do you do? Something about your products

Dizz Concept (formerly INkea) is a design studio that designs furniture of contemporary design and high functionality. As we also have our own production plant in addition to the studio, the furniture that we or our associates _ designers and architects design, we produce ourselves.

Today, Dizz Concept products are well known to all lovers of good design and connoisseurs of functionality in furnishing spaces around the world.

The popular Pop-up kitchen PIA is conquering large urban centers around the world, because in one well-designed cabinet with a TV located in a niche in one door, there is a fully equipped kitchen - it has a refrigerator, dishwasher, stove, hood, oven or even built-in coffee machine. For it, the author, architect Darko Špiljarić, the founder of Dizz Concept, received many international recognitions and awards.

A functional solution for mini housing units is offered in the popular MOVI program. 16 m2 of room are enough to have a kitchen, dining room and seating in the day mode, and in the night mode you sleep in a "real" bed 140 cm wide. And all this with a minimum of eight closets that "travel" through the space, transforming it from a living room into a bedroom.

Dizz Concept also manufactures office furniture and has been the leader of the domestic market for years in offering the latest trends in furnishing business premises with a special emphasis on workplace ergonomics and reducing stress in the work environment.

How the pandemic crisis has affected your business

A pandemic is certainly an unexpected business circumstance that few could have expected. She is in the business world and a big challenge. Challenges can sometimes get the most creative out of people. With nearly 30 years of work and in itself a challenge, a pandemic is just one of them. That's how we approached her, with respect, but without fear.

What impact do you think the pandemic will have on your industry?

The impact on the timber industry, as in any other human activity, will depend on how long the pandemic lasts. For now, as far as I follow what is happening in the industry, domestic producers are only at a profit.

Has the pandemic indicated any new trends in furniture production?

You are starting to appreciate more what you have in your own backyard, while before our customers always had in mind that it is there, in the neighbors better and cheaper. Such thinking was unfounded. It is now clear. Domestic is beginning to be appreciated. Finally.

How do you see the world economy after the pandemic?

Things are rearranging. There are a lot of unknowns. It will be different, that's for sure.

Do you have a new product range, which is adapted to the way offices work during a pandemic?

The pandemic caught us in the development of a new product that should reduce stress in open-ended offices, which are objectively the most numerous and which have been an absolute hit in Europe for the last thirty years. Namely, psychologists from the development team of our company, which includes architects, designers and wood technology engineers, noticed the problem of the impossibility of concentrated work due to constant distractions in offices with many people. The consequences are along with stress, a high percentage of errors at work as well as an excessive loss of work effect. Employees and their employers are at a loss.

OFFICE SHELL is our offered answer to this problem. Anyone who feels that nervous pressure before the end of the project when you only need peace and quiet will be accommodated in a spherical space where a person feels protected and well, equipped with ergonomic furniture.

OFFICE SHELL is designed to be a workstation that is entered with announcement and reservation, because we are aware that not everything will be able to work in such ideal conditions.

The spread of the dangerous virus in crowded spaces has indicated that OFFICE SHELL can also be a space that provides the necessary distance between people, while allowing the necessary cooperation and teamwork that can only take place in our workspaces.