The Zagreb-based company Dizz Concept, known for its innovative products in the field of furniture, has received an interesting international recognition for its new work.

During last year's lockdown due to the Korona virus pandemic, the Dizz Concept design team led by architect Darko Špiljarić designed an innovative Office Shell product, a capsule or shell equipped with top-quality ergonomic furniture - a lifting table, cabinets, ergonomic active chair.

Office Shell was a suggestion on how to work safely, comfortably and without stress in open-plan office spaces and thus overcome all the disadvantages of open space offices, but also keep the advantages of this frequent office concept.

Working in the Office Shell space ensures separation from the environment in which there are many employees in a protected space (diameter 200 cm) with the possibility of opening or closing the sliding door and using advanced technologies so-called. The "smart glass" system can dose the right to privacy and the necessary cooperation at work according to the needs of the work and the project.

There is no need to talk about the effect of preventing the spread of the infection, because it is completely obvious.

It is currently being done "from home", but it is certainly only a temporary solution. This is the opinion of the researchers of the work processes of the Leap in Time Institute, which operates at the Technische Universität Darmstadt in Germany.

These independent researchers declared Office Shell the champion in the Office of the Future category.

The Office Shell is suitable for new as well as existing offices and can be used with existing conventional furniture.

Office shell allows not to build walls - even if they are glass, but to use a portable system that will easily adapt to the needs of the work process.

Disassembly and assembly of one Office Shell unit takes no longer than 20 minutes.

Office shell is suitable for renting for specific projects, as well as for "time-sharing" within larger companies.

Dizz Concept invites everyone interested to try working at Office Shell and be the first to use the Office of the Future product.

When you get to know Dizz Concept products better, you will realize how many functional benefits you get from purchasing them.

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