Marko and Luka - Tell us something more about yourself, what exactly do you do? Which faculties did you graduate from?

Luka: We both graduated from the Faculty of Informatics and Organization in Varaždin, which served as a good introduction to entrepreneurship in the IT sector. Our company, Livmark d.o.o. it is divided into two parts (each of us runs one that part), and these are the Smart Systems run by me, and the Digital Agency run by Marko. Both are closely related to information technology. Digital agency refers to the provision of services such as digital marketing, social media and community management, web design and more. While Smart Systems refers to everything "smart" such as smart homes, apartment buildings, business and catering premises, but also individual products such as smart locks for which we have developed a leading brand in Croatia As part of smart systems, we work with our partners, these are almost always more demanding projects that we could not even manage on our own because there is a need for a wide range of knowledge and experience.

Marko - Are you quite active on Linkedln? I see that you were one of the panelists at the Linekedln meetup in Osijek, share your impressions with us?

I try to be as active as possible and pass on some of my knowledge and experiences to others so that they can draw something for their current situation. I see you did your homework. Yes, the meetup was really great. I have already been to several Linkedin meetups, but now in Osijek was definitely the best interaction with the audience.

Luka - What can you tell us about the automation of business premises?

I can tell you that they haven’t gotten into the mainstream yet, but they’re definitely getting more popular in the last couple of years. The advantages are obvious: energy savings, comfort, simplicity, practicality and more and more investors are recognizing this. A smart system in business and any other space, raises the value of the property itself, so it is a logical next step for those who are always pushing forward when it comes to innovation. So by smart system I don’t mean the group of devices you can buy in any other appliance store (smart light bulbs, smart sockets, smart thermostats, etc.), by that I mean serious systems like KNX, HDL Automation, iRidium Mobile. Such smart systems integrate into the very core of an object (e.g., office buildings), becoming one with that object because it is no longer just an office building, it is a “smart” office building. Meeting rooms are most often automated. Thus, control of the projector and its projection screen, curtains / blinds, lighting, audio system, heating and air conditioning. While for a building whose primary goal is energy savings, I definitely recommend automation of heating, cooling and lighting.

Luka - Can you explain to our clients what PropTech is?

Real estate touches everything we do. It is the economy of physical space - it literally shapes our lives by defining the environment in which we live and do business. Technology has done much in the last few decades to revolutionize information flow, communication, sales, payment, and transportation. But real estate is bigger than all of these categories combined, and the transformation that real estate technology could bring into our lives is bigger and deeper than you think. Proptech can be defined as the use of technology and software to assist in today’s real estate needs. For office buildings, this could mean everything from digitally facilitating a unique workplace experience, to offering advanced data and analysis capabilities for real-time feedback, and even to helping real estate teams buy, sell and manage their assets. In short: the goal is to make everything about owning, renting, or everyday work in an office building unique, easier, and more efficient. It’s a blend of “ordinary” buildings with a variety of technologies such as smart automation systems, management software and data collection analysis - when the whole building is going to be like that, it’s going to be a really Smart City.

Luka - What is meant by the term "smart building"?

It is simply a building with an integrated smart automation system that manages various aspects such as lighting, heating, cooling, curtains and the like

Marko - Why is it important that every office building / office building has its own website?

It's like a house number sometimes, if you didn't have it, you didn't "exist". Today the same is the case with the website. In the past, entrepreneurs walked into the building and found out all the information from the staff in charge, and today we want to do the same via the web. Faster and easier. If you are interested in improving the availability of information, a website is a must.

Marko and Luka - What would you say to other young people who want to start a business?

To be brave and to start a quality connection today, because good partners / clients will contribute the most to the entrepreneurial story. Do not hesitate to ask some technical things, there are incubators, associations, online communities that help people who they want to start an entrepreneurship by taking advantage of it. Also, Luka and I are always available so feel free to contact us on Linkedln.