1. Can you tell us a bit more about your coworking office?

Rent24 is a global full-service provider offering its customers value by combining a flexible and innovative work concept with a large network of people that make up our Rent24 community and from which each individual can profit. Our locations provide the possibility for our members to dedicate themselves to their work and its success without any distractions as we take care of the perfect work environment - whether its e.g. the functional and beautiful design language, cleaning or coffee supply. In addition, at SquareOne by Rent24 there will be a dedicated part exclusively to women entrepreneurs with specific subsidies.

2. What makes you different? We see that your coworking is five friendly

We started Rent24 more than 5 years ago in Berlin, one of the most vibrant startup hubs in Europe. As an entrepreneur myself I fully understand the needs of founders and business(wo)men, and therefore developed our coworking spaces accordingly. Our spaces offer you advantages you would usually only have in bigger companies, like a front desk agent, meeting rooms of all sizes and highly professional technical equipment. In addition, we are always in close contact with our members and know that it has a positive influence when you are allowed to bring your dog to work. As said before, we want to offer you the perfect surrounding to help you to grow your business in the best way possible.

3. Can you tell us a bit more about the coworking department for women only?

In Croatia, to my knowledge we are the first ones to offer entire floors exclusively for women because we believe it is important that women here will receive full support for smooth work. This means to give the possibility to connect and cooperate with other professionals and to work in an inspiring space with the most modern equipment and design. In addition, in comparison to regular office space, we will offer a childrens playroom, a babysitter on request, a gym, showers, a powder room, a place to relax and unwind and a kitchenette with unlimited coffee and tea. In the ground floor is amongst others a cafe with a terrace and a lounge restaurant planned.

Moreover, we have made good experiences investing in businesses and ideas of the members of our premises and plan to do so also for women entrepreneurs in Croatia.
So, in cooperation with our partners, we have created an additional program for subsidies for single mothers and mothers of children with disabilities where we want to offer them free use of our facilities and all the benefits we offer. All interested women can apply via the form on our website ( www.squareone.hr), regardless of the activity they are engaged in.

4. There is more and more talk about the flexible way of working, and about the new concept of the office - Diffuse office space. Can you tell us a bit more about the new concept of the office as such?

We have seen the trend of flexible work already years ago, that's why we started to offer coworking. In our opinion, an office should be a beneficial space in comparison to the home office and include special facilities like different sized and styled conference rooms. It has never been efficient for companies to have big meeting rooms which they need to pay rent for but rarely use. In addition, the more people work remotely or from home the less each person needs a dedicated desk in an office. In general, the pandemic boosted the trend of flexible working and changed the requirements for office space. It's more important than ever that offices are efficient and atmospheric, they should be a place where you want to go to get creative input and exchange with others.

5. In Croatia, the startup ecosystem is growing, the number of freelancers is increasing. What changes do you think await us in the future when we talk about office business? Do you believe that some startups will decide to work 100% remotely?

Croatia is still in its infancy when it comes to coworking. In contrast to the US or Germany, much more educational work has to be done on what coworking is and what advantages it brings. The potential is very high though. The startup and tech scene in Croatia are vibrant and companies are increasingly focusing their work on the international market and attracting foreign capital. The concept of coworking can help young entrepreneurs and companies make the right contacts and organize their work more efficiently.