1.Can you tell us something more about your company and it main activity?

Regus is THE global workplace provider. We help business work in a flexible and mobile way. We do this by providing dedicates workplaces with a wide range of supporting services that are convenient, flexible, cost effective and easily accessible, by the hour, day week, month or even year.


Regus pioneered flexible workplaces 25 years ago and we now lead the world in helping businesses of all size and all industry type make flexibility work for them and their people.


2.What are the trends in the office market at this moment?

Since Regus offers more than a conventional space, we can say that the need and interest in flexible workplaces, especially in our region, is growing. The main fact for this trend is that you can adjust your office space as your business dictates.

More than a billion people are mobile workers.   Making a mobile, flexible workforce work can be a daunting task – that is why we exist, to help our customers realise the benefits of flexible working, mitigate the challenges and thereby make them more successful.


3.Which year did you came in to Croatian market, and what distinguishes you here from the competition?

In Croatia, we are present since 2011. Our international expirience and flexibility allows us to better understand the business needs in each industry and market. Our unrivalled network and high quality standards are assuring professional services wherever we are present, available both to local and foreign companies in Zagreb.


4.What do you think about the current Croatian office market situation, comparing it with the rest of the region?

There are no many differences between countries in the region. Flexible and cost effective workplaces that we provide are becoming increasingly popular, especially in times that are unpredictable, like now.


5.Can you tell us something more about your future projects in Croatia? Do you see potential in other Croatian cities?

Besides the centre that we have in Radnicka cesta, we will hopefully open another centre in the western part of Zagreb. We are constantly scanning the market and there is a great chance that very soon we will have our services present in other cities in Croatia as well, to meeting the rising demand for our products and services.