Behind them are a large number of realizations in projects of business, residential, public and tourist purposes and interior design. A complete and individual approach characterizes the work of the office, which offers clients a wide range of services: preparation of complete documentation, obtaining permits, conceptual, main and implementation projects, and supervision in the execution of works. Projects such as residential buildings, family houses, sacral and industrial buildings and interesting interiors of residential and business premises are only part of the work of the Architectural Studio Križnjak. The founders are also the heads of the interior section at the Society of Architects Zagreb.

Of the previous awards and recognitions, it is worth mentioning the international award for the best sacral building for the Church of St. Luke the Evangelist in Travno, which was included among the 5 best buildings in the world in the category of public and communal buildings at the World Architecture Festival in Barcelona. A series of successful projects continued in 2019, when the lobby and entrance area of ​​the Zagrebtower business tower were awarded at the international festival BIG SEE Interior Design Awards in Ljubljana. The lobby refurbishment project is an investment by which the owner of the building aimed to create a basis for quality "brand management" for his clients, office tenants - an attractive entrance space of the building will give clients of all businesses in Zagrebtower an important first impression and association with the brand.

A special topic is hybrid spaces that combine several functions and whose purpose cannot be classified into only one category. One of such projects was the arrangement of the business unit of the pharmacy, taking care that the users and employees were equally satisfied. The pharmacy is a typologically demanding facility, since it is at the same time a primary health care institution, a small-scale laboratory facility and a sales and service space. Renovating the interior sends a strong message of care for the user and employee, and the positive result is confirmed by the increase in sales and services provided in this unit.


In addition to creating and providing services, an important business segment is presentation. Some industries do this successfully exclusively through online platforms, but for certain types of products and services, clients want immediate experience. Moreover, it is precisely the actual experience and personal experience that is the marketing lure for the modern user who is bombarded with content and images. The successful company Greyp bikes, which develops high-tech finished products and individual elements for electric bicycles in its plant in Sveta Nedelja with its sister Rimac cars, although present online in all markets, has created a new showroom in its home space, based on "engagement marketing". Here, potential customers can try all the latest innovations from this Croatian company in a modern interior, which reflects Greyp's unique style and business principles, while relaxing with employees, either on the VR platform, or by performing one of the electric bike models from the showroom.


A new factor to consider when building and arranging business premises is the socio-economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The challenging and unusual situation, in which almost all of us have become acquainted with the principle of working from home, brings new questions about potential projects for arranging a new or remodeling an old business space. In addition to the global crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, we have additionally faced construction damage caused by strong earthquakes. Some business entities that ran their business in the city center have decided on a temporary or permanent location in newer business complexes, which still usually offer "bare walls". However, a serious approach and business strategy must not neglect the concern for the company's reputation, which is certainly influenced by the work space. In addition, a quality and harmonious workspace has been proven to increase productivity and improve the work atmosphere, and what raises the bar in the market and distinguishes between average and excellent are satisfied, productive and loyal employees. One of the propulsive teams with which the Križnjak Architectural Studio had the opportunity to work is the pharmaceutical company Salveo.

Their creativity and dynamism were also reflected in the spatial project of expanding and adapting the office in Zagreb. The existing space has been expanded by adding new office units, separate rooms that are the basis for personal expression. Such an organization of space ensures independence and autonomy in work, necessary in the circumstances in which we currently find ourselves. However, bearing in mind the future and the return to pre-pandemic trends in business organization, the emphasis is placed on common and social spaces. In addition to the new office units, there is a lecture hall, a meeting room, a work-creative "hub" for Salve's team with a tribune and a kitchen, while a special feature is a hallway with a precisely designed wall that combines niches for work, short meetings, telephony or short breaks. having coffee with colleagues.

This functional organization of space allows independent or group work depending on current needs. The flexibility and functionality that were required by the users resulted in an increase productivity, but also creative spontaneity and mutual exchange of ideas, which is the foundation of today's business. Investing in company branding, as well as the visual and functional experience of the workspace, brings positive results in the field of work dynamics, productivity and business.