This year too the participants REBEC event will be offered a modern space that is perhaps not unique when it comes to its position, but it is of high quality, very flexible and effective.


REBEC 2014 represents a milestone in its further development since Serbia too is more attractive because of the following:

The faster accession and approaching to the EU The evident increase of interest coming from the Arab world, China and Russia. Serbia is becoming more competitive in relation to the surrounding countries.

Serbia, as a central part of the region, wins a position for the best representing of the New Perspectives


REBEC 2014 dates are from 23rd to 25th June.
On the XIX floor, in a part of SEEOFFICES premises (, all the conference programs related to real estate development will be held, while, a day dedicated to the Public Private Partnership development will take place on the XVIII floor in a part of Wolf Theiss premises.

REBEC Exhibition part will be on XXV floor of the Business Centre Ušće, which in one part is technically equipped to allow exhibitors and their guests to watch live video streaming of the conference events taking place several floors below.
In 2010 REBEC achieved its regional position, so a special effort devoted to preserve the quality of conference program with regional topics. Bearing in mind that the Serbia is making giant steps towards Europe, the perspective is getting better every day.

In the part of the program aimed at developing of the real estate investment, we will offer a number of panels to present the current moment of institutional development and harmonization of legal regulations with the surrounding countries and the world.

REBEC 2014 key topics are:

The specific development of the real estate market in Serbia: office, shopping, residential, industrial What are the reasons for the demand for modern office space in Serbia How to achieve a greater interest of foreign investors to accelerate the development of modern shopping centres The development of retail parks in Serbia, status and perspectives The panel on regional cooperation of professionals from Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia engaged in real estate development deserves special attention. For the first time, the real estate market representatives from Bosnia and Herzegovina wil join us. The development of logistics and industry in Serbia and the region Panel attached to the banks and their uncollectible placements Legal issues will be expanded topics from the region with representative law firms The new Law on Planning and Construction will be the subject of special interest and discussion with relevant speakers.

In the part of the program aimed at Public-Private Partnership development will offer the following topics:

How much did Serbia enhance the existing institutional framework in the field of PPP development in relation to the surrounding markets in order to be more attractive for this type of investment What are the key factors that affect the implementation of PPP projects How can the infrastructure in particular, be more quickly developed with the use of the PPP model How do the financial institution in Serbia view the development of PPP model and what do they specifically recommended and propose for further undisturbed development Is the PPP model the most acceptable one for the development of the energy sector in Serbia and the region

There is an evident need to revive and expand the existing exclusive topics related to investment in real estate development, especially in light of an improved Serbia's position in relation to the region.

Serbia has finally achieved the status of an EU membership candidate and is making rapid steps to balance is and harmonize its institutional frameworks.

There are several announcements of the arrival of major retail chains and supporting tenants from that branch.

The interest in retail is confirmed by the announcement of the beginning of the construction of several retail parks, especially on the interior of Serbia.

The markets of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia are completely different and uneven, but in a sense of community, all that represents an advantage.

What are the legal regulations in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia that are similar and different, and everyday problems in this area should be solved.

The industry of logistics and distribution is also showing signs of increased demand for the locations around the major cities in Serbia.

How to take the advantage of uncollected claims and is now a good chance for banks to be encouraged and free to more quickly launch some projects to be treated in this way.

In the past year, there are serious indications of an increased interest in investing from abroad, especially in industry.

Since it was founded in 2008, REBEC keeps bringing together prestigious local and foreign professionals, enabling the participants of the event and the audience, to get the opportunity and possibility to see for themselves the true state of the development of this very important business area.