Why did you join ATALIAN and how your clients will benefit from this merge?

Due to the market unsuitability, owners of Luxor Group have become aware of the importance of changing their business strategy. After they've realised the small possibility of independent organic growth, they decided to strengthen their market position by getting closer to their main competitor with successful business strategy on global level, based on many acquisitions.

Originally, AGSC has been offering cleaning services, technical maintenance, landscaping, reception,  security services and energy management. Nowadays, with the acquisition of Luxor Group, AGSC can also provide catering services to each  Client. Considering the Group's portfolio, number of employees and required know-how, AGSC can provide all scope of services to each Client on regional level.


Where do you think the FM market is going in Croatia? 

As a term, Facility management is still new in Croatia, but with globalisation and other market trends, Clients are starting to learn more about this concept. First of all, they are starting to be aware of the main aim of FM: unique integrated solution for the maintenance of their office buildings, in order to improve the effectiveness of their primary activities. Besides Client's awareness, the competition is also starting to realise the new potential market of FM, but due to it's strong competiveness, AGSC still stands as a leading company in FM services in Croatia.


What is the strategy of ATALIAN in the Adriatic region? 

After acquiring it's major competitor LUXOR, ATALIAN took leading position in Croatia and in the Adriatic region. Considering its strong competiveness, ATALIAN now proudly stands as a leading company in FM services across the region, including Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia, and plans to continue its development strategy in the future, by expanding further into other countries such as Slovenia and Bulgaria.