Requests received in the APN by April 22, 2022 by 4 pm, will be considered according to the time of receipt of complete requests in the APN, and will be approved until the planned funds are spent, said the announcement on the termination of housing loan subsidies, published on Wednesday on the APN website.

By the way, the planned funds for this measure this year amount to HRK 50 million.

The Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and State Property separately announced on its website that the APN had received 3,568 applications for subsidies for housing loans as of yesterday. So far, 1,400 of them have been processed, of which 1,372 applications have been approved, 25 of them are being amended, two have been rejected, while one applicant has withdrawn.

On a sample of 400 applications processed so far, the average amount of subsidized housing loan is 78 thousand euros, the average repayment period of the requested loans is 22 years, and the average age of the borrower is 32 years.

The effective interest rate averages 2.08 percent, the amount of the average monthly annuity that users will repay HRK 3,035, of which the monthly subsidy is HRK 1,020, APN reported.

The submission of applications for subsidies in this round began on March 21, and at a press conference held on that occasion, the Minister of Physical Planning, Construction and State Property Ivan Paladina presented an assessment, based on past experience, that this year with the help of the program subsidizing the housing issue could solve about 4,500 new families.

APN signed contracts with 14 banks

Recall, on March 4, APN entered into agreements with 14 banks to provide subsidized housing loans, with the highest effective interest rates offered by banks ranging from 1.99 to 3.50 percent.

The Law on Subsidizing Housing Loans enables subsidizing the monthly amount of installments or annuities of loan users for housing loans that citizens take from credit institutions to buy an apartment or house, or to build a house, all for the purpose of resolving the housing issue.

The state subsidy is granted for the first five years of loan repayment, with the possibility of an extension of two years for each live-born or adopted child in the loan subsidy period.

Extension of subsidies for an additional year per child is also possible for families who already have children at the time of application, as well as in case the applicant or a member of his family household has a disability of more than 50 percent of the physical impairment.

The measure can thus be used by all citizens of the Republic of Croatia who are younger than 45 and who do not own an apartment or a house. Loan subsidies are approved for the purchase of an apartment or house, or construction of a house up to a maximum of 1,500 euros per square meter or up to a maximum loan amount of 100 thousand euros in kuna equivalent, with a loan repayment period of not less than 15 years.

The amount of the subsidy depends on the development index of the place where the real estate is bought or built, and ranges from 30 to 51 percent of the loan installment. The largest subsidies go to those who buy an apartment or house or build a house in the least developed areas, while 30 percent of the monthly loan installment goes to those who decide to buy or build real estate in urban centers such as Zagreb.

The housing loan subsidy program has been running since 2017, and more than 22,000 applications have been approved so far.

Source: seebiz