For the new investment period, they will use the technology of the domestic company AMPnet, through which those interested will have access to a 10 percent share in the company's business.

"WESPA Spaces is an innovative concept of shared workspace, which basically relies on the community as a driver of innovation. This idea motivates the WESPA Spaces ownership tokenization plan, because we grow through the community, and thus enable the community to participate in that growth. innovations through the activation of a network of partners and companies that share similar values ​​and market ambition. so with this step and the paradigm of the investment process, thus leading the idea of ​​innovation and change through joint action ", said Amir Babović, co-founder of WESPA Spaces.

The specificity of this four-month investment round is that tokenization will be carried out via the AMPnet platform. The shares of the domestic company will thus be available to a wider circle of investors through tokens, unlike before when such investments were usually reserved exclusively for "big players". All activity will be transparently recorded on the blockchain, while reducing administrative and bureaucratic obstacles.

“We are pleased that the largest coworking space in the region has chosen AMPnet technology to raise capital. Tokenization offers a number of benefits compared to conventional capital raising, among which the most significant are the shortening of the longevity of the process itself and the possibility of easy token trading. We offer clients support throughout the entire process, and with AMPnet they can save time and money and focus on campaigns, projects and investors, ”adds Mislav Javor from AMPnet.

Source: Jutarnji list and Seebiz