The register of state property has been published on the website of the National Office for State Property Management, according to which the Ministry of Finance has 201 real estate, of which 195 uses the state administration, and four buildings or construction sites. The Ministry of Economy has three offices, the Ministry of Construction and real estate, of which 37 were 36 commercial spaces. The Ministry of Culture has 33 objects. One "building land or building" have in Zagreb, 12 properties have reported as "those used by the state administration" and have 20 business premises, and the Ministry of Agriculture 115 real estate of which are as "building land and building" sign vineyards and fields in Borovo , 94 commercial units and 15 residential buildings and five buildings which "uses government authority."

Ministry of Maritime Affairs has 177 real estate (56 building lots and buildings, 72 commercial units and 48 residential buildings), and the Ministry of Justice in 1339 even real estate (308 buildings and building plots, agricultural land 327, 125, and 113 housing units, 60 forests, and 225 they use government bodies).

Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds has just four offices, the Ministry of Administration only two properties (in Zagreb) and the Ministry of Tourism only building in which they are located. MOI has 256 properties: 251 used government bodies, two building lots (pasture and forest in Imotski in Rupa), and there are two commercial spaces. MFA has five exclusive business area, and the Ministry of Environmental Protection 28 real estate, while the Ministry of Health has only 111 business premises, and the Ministry of Education has seven real estate (five parcels or buildings and one residential property). 

Registry lists 24 villas (Brijuni islands, Hvar and Dubrovnik ) and residences (all in Zagreb).