Lease contracts fo 28 business premises will be concluded with the best bidders for ten years, and bids will be collected until September 14th at 12 noon, the company reported. The mentioned business premises can be found at the link.


 These are business premises in Zagreb, Karlovci, Matulji, Opatija, Osijek, Rijeka, Split and Varaždin. The mentioned business premises can be found on the link.



 Business premises in Zagreb


 18 business premises are offered in Zagreb and they are mostly located in the second and third city zones. The spaces for rent are mostly on street, except for the space in Medulićeva 30/1 in Zagreb, which is in a courtyard, belongs to another city zone, has an area of ​​66 square meters and can be rented at a starting price of 5.45 euros per square meter, which is the most affordable starting rent among Zagreb spaces.

 The largest commercial space of 156 square meters is offered in Pod zidom 3 street, which belongs to the first city zone, and its starting rent is 17.60 euros per square meter. The smallest space in the tender is being leased in Zagreb at Vinogradska cesta 5, it has a little more than 11 square meters and the initial rental price is 8.40 euros per square meter.


 Offer in Split


 A few minutes' walk from Diocletian's Palace in Split, street space is for rent at Sinjska 7/2 with a starting price per square meter of 17.2 euros, and an area of ​​55 square meters.

 In Sinjska Street in Split, a courtyard area of ​​58 square meters is also for rent with a starting rent of 8.63 euros per square meter.


 Rijeka, Osijek, Varaždin...


 In Varaždin, Osijek and Opatija, business premises are leased in the center, and the initial rent per square meter in Varaždin is 5.10 euros, in Osijek 9.40 euros and in Opatija 15.55 euros.

Lease offers must be submitted to the address of Državnih nekretnina, Planinska 1 in Zagreb, by noon on September 14th, and the premises can be previewed between September 4th and 8th according to the schedule published in the public invitation.