Last week's decision followed the general assembly of Vjesnik d.d. held in July, at which the regular liquidation procedure was initiated and it was decided that the entire loss of last year of HRK 7.76 million should be "carried forward to the next period".

The Assembly then made a decision to appoint Vjesnik d.d. as the liquidator. lawyer Tomislav Orehovec is appointed and that the company Vjesnik diočno društvo printing publishing activities in liquidation, abbreviated name Vjesnik d.d., is entered in the court register.

The decision on liquidation followed repeated announcements that some government offices and other institutions could move to the Vjesnik skyscraper and the annex.

As part of this, the Ministry of Spatial Planning, Construction and State Property started the renovation of part of the Vjesnika complex at the end of last year with the intention of establishing a Reconstruction Office with dozens of officials, and at the same time the co-owners of that complex announced the sale of office space in three office buildings.

HRK 8.5 million excluding VAT was planned for the renovation of the Office for Reconstruction. At the same time, Allegheny financial, as one of the co-owners of the Vjesnik complex, advertised the sale of office space in three buildings within the complex.

In addition to that real estate company and the printing house Vjesnik d.d., the majority co-owners of the complex within the Vjesnik skyscrapers are Konzum plus (the successor to Tiska within the former Agrokor), the Republic of Croatia and VLM Cvjetno nekretnine - the company founded by Večernji list.

With the exception of a few smaller co-owners, some of whom are bankrupt, the majority owners of the Vjesnik complex are the ones who have taken ownership of parts of the skyscraper and surrounding buildings for the past thirty years, only to then leave the area.

First, EPH (now Hanza Media) left the complex in the shadow of the Vjesnik skyscraper in 2003, then Tisak, and with the departure of Večernji list to Buzin ten years ago and the closure of Vjesnik in 2012, the last serious newsroom left that "temple" of journalism.

Only the Vjesnik d.d. printing house remained. as the only major user of space within the Vjesnik complex - skyscraper, press center, printing house and supporting facilities on more than 30,000 square meters.

Source: SEEbiz / H