The skyscraper, 81 meters tall, popularly known as the "Zagreb Manhattan," is a symbol of the business zone of the city of Zagreb. It was built in 2006, covering an area of 25,899 square meters, consisting of a garage, ground floor, and 22 floors. It also includes a nine-story annex.

It was owned by the company S IMMO AG, a subsidiary of the CPI Property Group, which in 2015 took over the Eurocenter on Miramarska Street from Erste Bank. In early 2020, it also acquired the Hoto Tower, which, according to recent media reports, has also been put up for sale. Recall that Eurocenter was recently sold to the Atlantic Group, while CIP Property sold the Grand Center Office building in Radnička through its subsidiary Immofinanze.

The sale of the Zagreb Tower began in the summer of 2023, and the purchase for the buyer OTP Bank was facilitated after six months of negotiations, we learn, through the mediation of the Biliškov Real Estate agency and Titania Consulting. The exact amount of the transaction is not known. The tower will be managed by the company OTP Real Estate, and its purpose will remain the same.