Business premises are mostly located in very desirable locations of the first zone, and they are leased as seen.

In Zagreb, 22 business premises were offered, with eight business premises being offered in the busiest and busiest location of the capital, Zagreb's Ilica, through a tender for lease - five street and three courtyard.

The largest office space advertised in Zagreb has an area of ​​118 square meters and its initial rent is 62 kuna per square meter. It contains a spacious gallery, and is located in the vicinity of the Square of the Victims of Fascism, with a view of the House of the Croatian Society of Fine Artists, or Meštrović's pavilion.

In Osijek, two business premises have been announced, both the largest and the smallest in the tender, which are located in Županijska Street in the city center, near the Croatian National Theater. The area of ​​the largest is 154 square meters and has an initial monthly rent of 57 kuna per square meter, the same as the rent for the smallest space of nine square meters next to the Osijek Cathedral.

Split is located on the Coast of Prince Branimir, where the initial rent for an area of ​​87 square meters is 90 kuna per square meter, and near the Split market, port and Natural History Museum with an initial rent of 45 kuna per square meter. In Rijeka, for the initial 90 kuna per square meter, it is possible to rent a small business space near the Croatian National Theater and Theater Park.

Lease agreements are concluded for ten years with those bidders who have met the conditions of the tender and offered the highest amount, and are exempted from paying the rent for the first month.

Interested bidders may submit their bids by mail to the address: Državne nekretnine d.o.o., Planinska 1, Zagreb or in person at the company's office. The public opening will take place on November 6, 2020 at the Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and State Property.

The inspection of the premises and the opening of bids can be accessed by all interested parties, and the offer for the lease can be submitted by associations and natural persons who have a registered trade or perform independent professional activity.