The Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and State Property announced on Wednesday two public calls for bids for the purchase of state-owned real estate, with one tender for apartments and the other for construction and building land.

By public invitation, which will last until November 6, 13 apartments were offered for sale, for each of which documentation containing photos of the apartment and an unofficial copy of the land registry excerpt was published, the apartment is stated, among other things, the starting price, the amount of the guarantee, as well as the date in which the apartment will be available for viewing.

There are 11 apartments in various locations in Rijeka, and two in Kaštel Štafilić.

One of the apartments in Kaštel Štafilić, with an area of ​​46.97 square meters, has the highest starting price, 436 thousand kuna. Two thousand kuna less, 434 thousand kuna, is the starting price of an apartment in Rijeka, 47.67 square meters.

These two apartments are among those with the largest square footage, while the smallest apartment is only 17.88 square meters, located on the sixth floor of a building in Rijeka, and its starting price is 187 thousand kuna (about 25,000 euros).

As can be seen from the attached photos, the apartments are, almost without exception, in poor condition and in need of renovation.

Bids, with all documentation, are submitted to the address of the relevant ministry (Ulica Ivana Dežmana 10, Zagreb), by mail or by entering in the registration minutes, and the deadline for receipt of bids is November 6 this year until 10 am, when their public opening.

All apartments are sold in their original condition, on the principle of "seen - bought".

The most favorable bidder is considered to be the one who offered the highest price expressed in kunas, and the selected bidder is obliged to sign and submit it to the Ministry within eight days from the delivery of the sales contract.

Bids can be submitted by all natural persons who have the citizenship of the Republic of Croatia, the citizenship of the countries that make up the European Economic Area, as well as those countries with which Croatia has an agreement on the reciprocity of real estate acquisition. Also, all legal entities with a registered office in Croatia or a country that makes up the European Economic Area can participate.

We offer 12 properties in the area of ​​the former military warehouse in Čepin

The second public call covers a total of 29 properties, which mainly refer to construction land and land with buildings.

The conditions of the tender are the same as for the apartments, but in this case the deadline for submitting bids is November 9 by 10 am.

Of the offered, the highest starting price, of 914 thousand and 500 kuna, has land and buildings in the municipality of Čepin near Osijek, with an area of ​​30,206 square meters, and it is real estate within the complex of the former military warehouse "Lug".

The real estate in the former military warehouse "Lug" also includes the remaining 11 offers for the Čepin area.

Of the 29 properties, the second highest starting price has a building plot in Pula, 833 thousand kuna, an area of ​​760 square meters, about 750 meters as the crow flies from the coast.

We offer, among others, four building plots in the municipality of Slivno, two in Badljevina near Pakrac, then in Mošćenička Draga, Slatina, Tovarnik, Voćin, Glina, etc.