Success is made by cooperating with the successful ones. Come to the Conference! More than 600 participants from 14 countries participated at last year’s Conference.. ALL BUSINESS ROADS ON THE 24th and 25th of April 2018 LEAD TO ESPLANADE - the place for networking and business deal making. You should hear and say different ideas, attitudes and opinions, feel different breath, physiognomy, pulse and business rhythm. The foundation for growth and success is the constant re-examination and upgrading of one’s own attitudes and opinions in interaction with others, in this case with all participants of the Conference. Redefining existing business platforms is a condition to survive on the market. Nowadays it is enough to have a single new idea or a new thought to change your business path and point it to the direction of success. Do not deprive yourself from participating at the Conference.

This year the main topics of the Conference are:

• The main speech and the opening of the Conference:

H.E. Mr. W. Robert Kohorst, Ambassador of the United States of America to the Republic of Croatia

• Showcasing Budapest

Challenges and guarantees of succes real estate development


Presentation of


• Presentation of the project La Tour Sain-Gobain in Paris

– building the new headquaters of a top world company

• Presentation of the project new American International School of Zagreb

• Brief overview of GTC’s major active developments troughout the region – including the Matrix Office Park in Zagreb

• Presentation of the luxury real estate market in Croatia

• Presentation of the construction of the modern Sorting center Hrvatska pošta d.d.

• Expert and professional presentations of urban developments of neighbour countries capitals on separate panels:




• Top panel: Urban regeneration of the city of Split

• A particularly significant topic:

The power of modern urban development of cities – internationalplatforms, programs, guidelines and realization

Cultural heritage – commercial and development potentials

Business investment in cultural heritage tourism – critical factors of success

• Realization of big projects and financial models of green building

NPL – complete business cycle and transactions of banking claims

• Future of hotel investment market in SEE

Real estate brands and managing a real estate company

• The secret of the miraculous development and success of the big trend in trade – retail parks in SEE countries

Croatia’s International Profile – Investment, Development and Branded Residential Trends in the Adriatic

Housing market in Croatia – The need for a strategy and a modern housing policy

Life-style living – modern trends in the development of a new generation of housing projects – structure, architecture, tehnology, design, sociology

• Presentation of Multi-Comfort by Saint Gobain – an innovative concept for pleasent living (case-study)

• Perspective of global hotel brands in Croatia’s market

• Report on Croatia’s commercial real estate – next step!

Renaissance of reconstruction and building of retail centers in Croatia.


Great numbers and the important transactions on the investment market in see countries

We believe that after the Conference you will be inspired by a series of new ideas and opinions, that

your planners will be full of new meetings with Conference participants, and your address books will be

enriched with dozens of new business cards that you got at the Conference.

All the topics listed above will be discussed in detail on the individual panels of the Conference at the

Esplanade Hotel in Zagreb.