Office space with a basement and shed, the total size of 48.9 square meters of office building on the Square first Croatian universities in Lepoglava, or having Vikocommercea in bankruptcy, will soon be on sale. First, however, will be made ​​audit assessments and real estate, and Imex banka should be deleted as soon as loads that are enrolled in it, because the claim on the basis of which are enrolled stopped.

One of the conclusions of the Committee Vikocommercea creditors in bankruptcy, where money is needed for normal bankruptcy. In bankruptcy proceedings, however, it should file a lawsuit to contest certain legal actions to VIKOCOMMERCE back their assets in the bankruptcy estate.

This is a refutation of lien against certain real estate since in all cases a guarantee on loans to other companies, and Vika and shoes Viko.

In order to initiate litigation, money, each of 50,000 kuna , you should pay the Ministry of Finance and the Frog, but it did not happen, or, as he said the bankruptcy trustee Mary Domijan, it can be expected, so the only remaining Vikocommerceu free asset sales .

In addition to real estate Lepoglava VIKOCOMMERCE has some goods whose value just before the opening of bankruptcy stood at 3.5 million.

Board of trustees decided to take legal action that property would not be able to recover in the bankruptcy estate, and that would only create additional costs , so the bankruptcy trustee to hire an expert in footwear industry, which, together with a member of the creditors committee Sava Šmitran, otherwise regional coordinator, Footwear, leather and rubber, see and assess the goods.