25 percent of people do not wash their hands after going to the toilet, this has revealed a survey by the TotalJobs Employment Company. Dr. Lise Ackerly gave her advice on how to protect yourself from dangerous bacteria at work, and the first thing she said was 'whatever you do, do not leave out the cups or water bottles out overnight'.

Research has shown that one in five office cups contain faeces and various bacteria, and bacteria are propagated in a water bottle.

The water is not sterile, and the bacteria will multiply during the night. It would be best to have your own cup and water bottle on the job and do not share them with your colleagues - she clarified.ADVERTISING

She advised to wash office utensils in the washing machine, if possible, because it would be better washed than when someone washed their hands, especially in the workplace. When you're done with a job, wash your cup and do not hold it in a shared closet where other cups are standing, rather put it in your tray. Additionally, wash the water bottle well every day and avoid other people drinking from it.

The cup, she noted, is not the only thing in the office where bacteria and even faeces can be found.

The average office desk has up to 400 times more bacteria than the toilet bowl, and at the highest risk of dangerous bacteria are people who eat at the table, and after those who have the habit of chewing pencils and nail nails.

- Use an antibacterial gel or handkerchief before eating something at the table. The best way to avoid contamination is to take a break and eat somewhere else, not at the work desk - explained the doctor, and transmitted by Mirror.

(source: 24sata.hr)