Even ten years ago, sought the office and other commercial space in any authorized agency, and through business contacts and so in 2001. and in 2002. years has been a real hit for the owners. Anyone who has had some savings or complete real estate, I decided to edit it and rent it out.

He would have made a long-term lease to a bank or a representative, duly certified by the lease agreement, reported it to the IRS and thus earn additional income. In any case, higher than it happened to be the same amount that had been kept in a bank. Thus repaired their household budget, and real estate was his, at least until he decided otherwise.

So offices are increasingly growing, Area was nice and at one point, ten years later, there was a gap between supply and demand. The offer was growing, and needs less. Closing the offices, banks were merged, the need for such a quadrature simply no longer there.

In Zagreb, currently has more than seventeen percent of empty office space. Just three years ago, the percentage was up to five percent. What can happen in a few years it is difficult to predict, and never be too careful.

What happened arrival and opening large malls dislocated a shop outside the city so far in one place you can buy a needle, shoes, wedding dress and everything else you can think of anyone in the family , children or parents. 


Source: http://www.limun.hr