Ministry of Business and Trade next year, in cooperation with local governments will provide incentives for the launching of the unused and empty office spaces, announced the Minister of Business and Trade Gordan Maras to rally business boom in Zagreb. 


Maras in his opening speech said that the program develops 'entrepreneurs in empty spaces', that incentives for space will be great, will depend on the size and activity, and on average, to be able to move from 20 to 30 thousand per enterprise which is considered good for the start. It advocates that small entrepreneurs and craftsmen VAT paid only after they charge accounts which, he says, is good negotiations with the Ministry of Finance. 


It is believed that by the end of the year to have a solution that will be of benefit to small businesses which today promised that by the end of his term 'profit' requirements for easier and cheaper business and rid them 'mastodons past living on their behalf. "


Maras also said that it is not satisfied with all that is in the country has made, and to be quite made​​, as confirmed by the data, he said, that last year in Croatia openly about 20,000 new companies and trades, of which about 12 thousands of new companies and about eight thousand trades, and the trades employed about five thousand more people this year than last year. 


All of them recalled that for 30-odd small and medium-sized companies next week to move the first grant from the EU of 250 million, and the dynamics will continue in the coming years with about 200 million euros per year, or about 1.5 billion from EU small and medium-sized enterprises. 










Source: PoslovniPuls