Furniture and decorations are not enough to make us feel comfortable and relaxed in the space, it is desirable to have a little greenery to encourage creativity.

The arrangement of business and catering premises has reached a completely new level in the recent past. Almost everywhere we can see that designers with their solutions often allow people in a certain space to feel "at home". The emphasis is on new solutions that are seemingly very simple, but require the skill of combining small details that are sometimes trivial in themselves, but in combination with others create a replaceable atmosphere: shelves, books, magazines, historical photographs of places and people, informal seats with cushions, visual barriers to more private encounters and conversations… Whatever prevails in the space, plants are increasingly present and almost unavoidable.

They certainly bring decorative importance to the business space, but also more than that: they improve air quality, have a beneficial effect on mood and improve work efficiency. We can use them as architectural elements in terms of partitioning and directing movement in space, to achieve the impression of vaulting, or as tools to conceal imperfections. We can shade very reflective surfaces with plants or use them for vivid decorative paintings on the walls.

The modern individual sometimes sees the plant as a choice - yes or no, but, in fact, forgets that we were created for "green" and "green" is one of the necessary living conditions. Therefore, it is natural for people to react positively to herbs.

Klara gardening d.o.o. is a Croatian manufacturer of home and garden decoration products. It brings herbs to places where other jars can’t. The solutions are focused on the vertical placement of plants, given that in business, but also in residential and catering spaces, small vertical areas, fences, bars, window blinds… often remain unused. People often come up with interesting solutions with their creativity, but if they want a price-optimal, aesthetically original and quality-lasting plant installation, Klara gardening is the right solution. Vertical wall and freestanding stands are made of solid wood, and the colors of our jars satisfy both the minimalist tastes of the currently sought-after combinations in gray-white-black "colors" and the need to shine the most colorful possible combinations.

Long-term work with customers, especially at business and sales Croatian and foreign fairs (Spoga Gafa / Koln, Elmia / Jonkoping, Ambinte / Frankfurt, Floraart / Zagreb, Ambienta / Zagreb, Flower Festival / Osijek, Cvijet Zadra / Zadar…) introduced us with the basic doubts of customers, so we approach each customer individually with the option of recommending and planting plants and maintenance with the support of Klara's agronomists.

Klara goes a step further and is currently developing new smart systems that we will certainly present to the public soon… Until then, you are welcome at and the Klara team will be happy to host you at Klara gardening / Wespa spaces Zavrtnica 17 10000 Zagreb