Real estate for sale - an office building in Zadar, Ulica Šimuna Kožičića Benje 2, with a total net usable area of 2,087.15 m2, built on land registry lot number 9779/2, which is registered as a built-up land in the land registry department of the Zadar Municipal Court in Zadar. surface area 932 m2, land registry insert number 16206, cadastral municipality of Zadar. The office building that is the subject of sale constitutes 9280/10000 of the co-ownership part of the entire land registry plot.


The real estate in question - an office building is co-owned by the Croatian Pension Insurance Institute in 53.82% of the co-owned part, the Croatian Health Insurance Institute in 33.94% of the co-owned part and Zadar County in 12.24% of the co-owned part.

The initial price of the property that is the subject of sale is 4,732,497.18 Euros (in letters: four million seven hundred and thirty-two hundred and four ninety-seven euros and eighteen cents) and is payable at once.


Bidders are obliged to pay a bond in the amount of 5% of the initial price of the property, i.e. 236,624.86 Euros (two hundred and thirty-six thousand and twenty-four euros and eighty-six cents), which is paid to the State Budget, Republic of Croatia, Zagreb, Katančićeva 5, IBAN HR1210010051863000160, reference number: HR 64 9725 - 23911-OIB of the payer.


The deadline for submitting bids is September 19, 2023.

The bids will be opened on September 25, 2023 at the premises of the Croatian Institute for Pension Insurance, Zagreb, A. Mihanovića 3.


The most favorable bidder will be considered the bidder who offers the highest price and whose bid meets the conditions of all public tenders.

The entire text of the public tender was published in the National Gazette and on the seller's websites:, and