The business facility 'Agrokor' on Vukovarska Street, where Pliva used to be, and today is the Ministry of Justice, should soon get another business wing. Aspera, we know that the company Aspera nekretnine d.o.o., which owns this property, is in the phase of preparing the main project for the reconstruction and extension of the existing building, by adding a new business wing to the building.

- Both buildings have the same entrance from Vukovar, and the same entrance to the garage and share mechanical equipment, so the construction is considered an upgrade of the existing building, but the new part will have a separate entrance, while the functioning of the existing part of the building leased by the Ministry justice and administration run smoothly.

We believe that this project will fit well in the context of planned development in the area - says Marko Curkovic, director of Aspera Real Estate. According to director Ćurković, the project is called 'V49 business center' because the building is located at Vukovarska 49. Director Ćurković further states that 'it is about building a modern building with office space of A category'.

- The beginning of construction is planned this year, and the end at the end of 2023. A catering facility is planned on the ground floor, while the rest will be office space with a flexible layout (about 6,300 square meters on eight floors) (ground floor plus seven floors), and the height will be identical to the existing part of the building - says director Curkovic.

The Center for Restructuring and Sales finds out that the Ministry of Justice moved to that address in August 2012, when the Council of the State Property Management Agency (CERP's legal predecessor) made a decision to establish a real estate lease in Zagreb with Aspera nekretnine. provided that the Ministry bears the entire cost of lease, regular and investment maintenance and all overhead costs.

- The Ministry of Justice then addressed AUDIO with a proposal to solve the problem of consolidating the business locations of the said Ministry, because at that time they operated at seven different locations with extremely high rental and overhead costs. Considering that the Republic of Croatia did not have adequate empty real estate in its ownership, the Ministry proposed the building object in Zagreb, the so-called business building 'Agrokor'. Following the above, the mentioned Decision was made - it is stated in the response from CERP.

By the way, the building was called the 'Agrokor' business building in the land register because its construction was completed in the 1990s, but Ivica Todorić's company never moved into it. It was later bought by Pliva Hrvatska d.o.o. which was housed there until 2012, when the Ministry of Justice moved into the building. In the meantime, the company that changed the owner of the building changed, and in 2017 the company Aspera nekretnine became part of the Šted group, whose owner is the entrepreneur Željko Udovičić.

Source: Jutarnji list