Business center Matrix is designed according to the LEED Gold certification, the most renowned sustainable construction certificate. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a comprehensive system of evaluation of building sustainability, owned by offices of most significant companies in the world, such as Google, IBM, Bloomberg and many others. While Romania already has 444 certified buildings, Hungary has 99, and the Czech Republic has 139, Matrix will be only the second Croatian building constructed according to the high standards of LEED sustainable building.  

It is interesting that Matrix will use geothermal energy for heating, rainwater for irrigation of green spaces, that it will have a partial green roof, and that its overall CO2 emission will be significantly lower when compared to the conventional building.  

Alongside the energy savings and positive effect on the environment, the goal of Matrix is also to ensure a higher quality of life, better productivity, and health preservation for over 1400 future Matrix employees.