Lidl's old building is a surplus in the local portfolio, the center is new. Last year sold department store, furniture salon, supermarkets ...


After gaping empty for years, and because Lidl moved to the city center in Đakovo, the "old" building of this retail chain on the outskirts of the city, from the direction of Osijek, is for sale. Lidl Hrvatska decided so, leaving the business of selling it to its Lidl Nekretnine.

The spacious ground floor building, along with the exterior surfaces, is nearly 10,000 square feet. Arriving in Đakovo, this retail chain operated for a short time, deciding to move to the city center, buying the location of the former Geli Wood Industry, which was then bankrupt, opened in 2013. Lidl Croatia confirmed the sale of the property. She told Lidl, PR manager Tihana Belin told the retail chain, that there is a surplus in the local portfolio at the moment, considering that Lidl has a new store in the center of Đakovo. Even at the time when Lidl Nekretnine did not announce its sale, there were interested buyers for the former Lidl building, even from the USA, with contacts from Đakovo. This interested party saw in that building a future large wedding hall, for which it would be suitable with its size, type of construction, internal layout of the space and the external part spacious for parking. Namely, the building is located in the part of the city where three large wedding halls are concentrated, and there is also a hotel with its halls.

Wedding hall?

- It is difficult for us to comment or at this moment to claim what the potential buyer will convert the said facility into - Tihana Belin answers our inquiry about the intentions of potential buyers with the "old" Lidl building.

In any case, the sale of this building only continues last year in Đakovo began a very dynamic series of sales of numerous "sound" real estate in the city and its surroundings, and are related to the bankruptcy of Pan-Trgopromet, in whose bankruptcy estate at the beginning there were as many as 79 properties Đakovo, Slavonski Brod and their surrounding villages. Bankruptcy trustee Tihomir Zec today, when the line is drawn for oral and e-auctions, says that so far a little more than 36.1 million kuna has been earned from their sale.

- For a part of the real estate, the proceeds from their sale will mostly go to the banks or the Tax Administration, ie to the pledge creditors - adds Zec.

Last year in Đakovo, it can be said that about 20 valuable, "sound" real estates were sold - the former Roma department store, which was offered for 3.15 million kuna, the ex-bookstore Knjiga, Tehnika, the whole of Metalia and Color, which is initially offered for HRK 2.4 million, ĐA-MA supermarket, Gross i Željezar house - for HRK 1,400,000, then Merkur, Sjever, Progres, Tkanina, Pašenica supermarket, former Novi dom furniture salon, Novi centar office space, Bajnak , two plots of land in the (wider) center of the city, business premises Maja in Jelačićeva, Sport on the promenade and others, and the management complex of the former Trgopromet with four shops on the promenade certainly takes precedence among the sold real estate. At the end of 2019, it was bought by the City of Đakovo for a little more than 3.9 million kuna for the future cultural, tourist and social core of the city.

Other former Fashion

The bankruptcy trustee of Pan-Trgopromet also agrees that last year the sale of almost 20 "sound" real estates in Đakovo, but also other, less "sound" ones went very smoothly, which was also contributed by large inscriptions on sales with basic generals on those real estates.

- We expect the bankruptcy to end in a year, it is a big bankruptcy procedure - adds Zec.

Part of Trgopromet's real estate is leased by Vinkovci-based Bose, and the former Moda is leased by Erste Bank for many years. It is she, the former Moda, who is the last “sound” property from Pan’s bankruptcy portal for sale. Bankruptcy trustee Zec is announcing its sale for October.

Part of the purchased real estate has already received its new purpose or is just waiting for new views, such as the demolished complex Color and Metalia, whose new purpose is a residential and business complex.

Source: Glas Slavonije