Most of the values ​​refer to only three buildings - those in MihanovićevaStreet and Company Street in Zagreb and buildings on the West Bank in Split .

These are huge buildings in the center of the two largest Croatian cities, or in locations that are extremely attractive for the development of high-quality hotel accommodation or other business purpose. On the other hand, locations are equally unattractive to HZMO users and employees due to city crowds and the fact that there is no parking space nearby, which further complicates access to services and for entrepreneurs, Večernji list writes .

In addition, the buildings are inadequate for the organization of the HZMO's own services, so the Pension Office considers the possibility of commercializing property owned and moved to newer and more modern premises. It is intended for money derived from buildings owned to ensure the unification of services in more suitable areas at more accessible locations.

Apart from the fact that the HZMO project would have achieved excess funds, it would also ensure more efficient work of its employees and better service to the users. They are not the only buildings that HZMO uses because they have 91 locations throughout Croatia, but in the six real-estate programs, the majority of the total workforce has more than 2,500 employees .


(source: tportal,hr, photo: Marko Lukunic, Pixels)