Mayor Leon Valpova Callus and CEO of Via Factum from Baguio, Tomislav Skara, yesterday signed an agreement on creating designs for the continuation of further activity and the construction and utility equipment in the central business district of the City of Valpova worth 120,500 kuna.

He said Callus, after tendering company Via Factum sent the best deal, and was selected for the winning bidder of documentation for Zone II small business.

Design includes a total infrastructure documentation for traffic areas, storm drainage, street lighting, water supply, sewerage and gas network in this part of the city in which it already operates several businesses.

The area that will be covered by the project, construction of municipal infrastructure is extremely important city because it is a plot by the city after years of dispute with the company Arcus got possession.

This is a construction zone, which is located in the southeastern part of the city, the highway is only 20 kilometers from Osijek airport 45 kilometers, and the size is 102,000 square feet divided into 22 plots. Size of available land in the area is more than 41,000 square meters.

Project plan to nominate the relevant institutions because we believe that it is legitimate space in a city where we have shown entrepreneurial potential and where it would be good to invest funds from the public sector, which will be justified further investment activities of our existing and new businesses - said the mayor of callus.