Like many things in life, the story of the NTH company began by chance, when two people from Dubrovnik met in Zagreb in 1999.

One has already built a successful business career in global telecommunications companies, and the other is a recent IT graduate from the Faculty of Organization and Informatics. The business began to develop, and thus the a need for additional employees. The choice was logical, call your college friends.

Today, we employ over 250 experts in twenty countries around the world. Most of the employees and the company's main development center are located in Varaždin, where new technologies are created for cooperation with leading global companies such as Google, WhatsApp, Viber, the NBA League, etc. that they have been leaders of new trends and innovations in this city for twenty years.



The company was also the first inhabitant of the Varaždin Technology Park, which grew into an incubator for young companies.

Many of our former employees started their own IT companies and opened hundreds of new jobs in Varaždin. The construction of our own office building was imposed as a logical next step and a kind of crown of the present presence in Varaždin. The location of the building in the city center, in the immediate vicinity of numerous educational institutions, was strategically chosen with the help of the City of Varaždin, with whom we have had great cooperation all these years.

In addition to top-quality business spaces for our employees, we want the building to become a place for future meetings and cooperation with pupils, students, schools, and colleges, a center for starting new projects - the company emphasizes.

The architectural project of the new office building is the work of multiple award-winning architect Davor Bušnja.

The futuristic appearance of the building is intended to send a message that Varaždin is a place of the present, but also of the future, and that young experts no longer need to go out into the world, but in Varaždin they can achieve great careers and work on the most modern technologies - emphasized NTH Mobil.