Ergović does not completely agree that, when it comes to Zagreb, nothing was done for a whole year after the earthquake:

"I think something was being done. However, we must keep in mind that there are a lot of difficulties because these are buildings where it is not known who the owner is, there are property and legal problems. But in order to speed up, I agree. "

He said that the Ministry of Construction is on the move and that it is true that there is a lot of preparatory work before the start of reconstruction work, including everything that precedes the projects:

"But it should be accelerated."

He went on to compare the two models of construction during the reconstruction:

“It is often said that prefabricated construction could rebuild these areas much faster. However, the fact is that in a year, many more buildings can be renovated with traditional construction. ”

"Traditional masonry construction, which includes reinforced concrete structures, if built according to regulations in force in the EU and in Croatia, is safe for earthquakes much larger than those we had in the area. But if you don't work according to the standards, there are difficulties and collapses. You have a lot of buildings that were built with classic construction, from which not a single tile fell. ”

He further said that he did not see a problem if modern materials were used in the rehabilitation of buildings under the protection of the Ministry of Culture:

"I think conservators need to have an understanding in making such decisions."

Does Zagreb, for example, threaten to take 100 years to rebuild, as has been heard in public?

"I do not agree. These were areas of preparation ", said Ergović, stating, among other things, that before the beginning of the reconstruction itself, the Reconstruction Fund had to be established:

"As Mr. Vanđelić said, when everything is over, when the reconstruction starts, everything will go much faster."

"People think that if it is prefabricated, they will return to their homes sooner. The fact is that with classic construction it can be restored faster ", he said further on the topic of construction models and added that classic construction hires more experts and workers:

"We also have the opportunity to raise GDP."

He further said that he believes that when building prefabricated wooden houses, it is not about wood from Croatia.

“(Classical construction) uses local materials, employs local people, we have the opportunity to bring people back to Banija, many have gone abroad,” he said.

He explained that the construction sector of the national economy in Croatia accounts for five percent of GDP and accounts for seven percent of all employees in the country.

Source: hr.n1info