Marina Kunovac, senior advisor in the CNB's Research Sector, and Igor Jemrić, chief advisor in the CNB's Statistics Department, spoke about this on Studio 4.

Jemric said that the research separated real from financial assets and that the vast majority of households own both.

- 94 percent of households own some form of real property, while the financial part of the property is 82 percent, he said.

Kunovac pointed out that the media household in Croatia has a net asset value of around 60 thousand euros. That would be when all the assets are added up and all liabilities deducted.
Research data show that we are strongly focused on real estate ownership. As many as 80 percent of all private households own either full or conditional real estate, Jemrić pointed out.

He believes that Croatian citizens, compared to other EU countries, are above average inclined to own real estate. At EU level, that average is 40 percent.

- As far as the value of assets is concerned, we lag behind the EU average and we are at 62 percent of the median value that is valid, he said.

Kunovac pointed out that the level of education also has to do with ownership.

"The higher the education, the greater the chance that the household will be richer," she said.

Jemrić mentioned that the subject of the research was also debt, and they determined that 47 percent of households in Croatia are in debt. He emphasized that Croatian citizens are poorer than the EU average.