As part of the Ljubljana Passenger Center (railway and bus station), a large shopping and entertainment center, office building, and hotel will also be developed.

This is the Emonika project (both will be constructed simultaneously, but these two projects are not interconnected), with the investor being the Mendota Invest company, owned by the largest Hungarian banking group, OTP.

The company announces that they have obtained a valid building permit, and the construction of Emonika is scheduled to begin in March. The Hungarians started hiring project managers last year, and the project's completion is expected by 2026.

The investment value is estimated at over 350 million euros, making it the largest investment by a banking group in Slovenia.

"I am confident that the project will create added value for the city and its residents, and it is also an important step for the Slovenian real estate market, as there has never been such a demanding and extensive real estate business project in the capital," said Sándor Csányi, president and CEO of the OTP group, after obtaining the building permit.

Pál Forgács, director of Mendota Invest, also welcomed this milestone and stated that Emonika will become an economic and social center.

Tallest office building in Ljubljana

It will have 187 apartments, with parking lots and basements. In the northern part of the complex, there will also be 15,000 square meters of office space.

"We will complement the capacities with a high-rise building in the southern part, which will be the tallest office building in Ljubljana and will include an additional 20,000 square meters of office space. Alongside the office building, there will be a shopping center covering an area of ​​21,500 square meters with 80 stores. The complex will also feature two hotels - the first with three stars and over 180 rooms, and the second with four plus stars and over 200 hotel rooms and apartments," said Mendota Invest.

The hotels will have their own restaurant, lounges, conference halls, clubs, and rooms with private terraces.

The text was written by Aljoša Črnko and published in Forbes Slovenia.