Bruketa actually bought two parcels, of which the one on which the building and yard are located is 3,499 square meters, and the neighboring arable land of 4,099 square meters, writes Glas Istre. The world award-winning designer did not buy it as a private person, but through the Zagreb company Fabbrica Tessile, which is registered for the activity of renting and managing own real estate or real estate taken on lease. In that company, Bruketa is a co-owner with Martina Fras, who is also the only member of the Management Board.

We asked Bruketa to reveal to us what will happen to the building, whether there will be tourism in Oprtlje, since the activity of Fabbrica Tessile suggests that.

"I don't have anything to reveal because I don't know what we're going to do with the property yet. We're still thinking. When I know, I'll be happy to tell you," he told us.

It should be remembered that the textile industry used to be quite important for Oprtalj, especially in such a small area where there was no other industry. Namely, some data indicate that the company Nova Istrian Trikotaža from Novigrad, which operated there before the mentioned era, employed around 30 women. However, the textile industry in the whole country succumbed, so it also suffered the same fate in Oprtlje. The company Era was closed in 2020, and its property in Oprtlje was bought by a company from Zagreb.

Source: Seebiz