While most investors in Croatian tourism have pulled the brakes a bit due to the covida-19 pandemic and uncertainty in the development of the situation around this global health and economic crisis, a new luxury tourist resort with a hotel worth about 80 million euros is springing up in Savudrija. Kempinski Hotel and the nearby golf course.

It is a new resort Petram, whose construction began in mid-October. The company Čista voda projekt from Savudrija is formally investing in the project, and the co-investor is Aleksandar Group, headed by Vojislav Gajić, who told Jutarnji list that the resort will be ready for the 2022 season. This company is known for residential and business facilities such as Kapija Vračara in Belgrade, Taurunum in Zemun, Aleksandar Bulevar Centar in Novi Sad, as well as K district and The One in Belgrade.

- This is an investment of about 80 million euros, and we managed to solve all the documentation with building permits in just 10 months, and without any problems. We have completely changed the project that was supposed to be realized there. Regardless of the overall situation around the covida-19 pandemic, we do not have any problems with our investments, including this one in Savudrija.

According to this project, an apart-hotel with 179 accommodation units, 55 luxury villas as well as three residential buildings with 18 apartments will be built on the entire land. And all high categories with four and five stars. In total, the resort will have a little less than a thousand beds. Villas, on the other hand, will have 250 to 500 square meters, and most will have swimming pools.

The length of the infinity pool on the roof of the Marina bay hotel in Singapore is 150 meters, and this one in Istria is 105 meters.

And everything will be supervised by the Zagreb Lad 1 studio as well as Maja Bručić as the main architect, also the project manager.

- This is a unique project and the first of its kind in Croatia. The goal was to achieve a concept that is known among some "high-end" brands, for example Four Seasons, Six Senses, Aman, etc. The location of the project is Savudrija, the westernmost point of Croatia, the advantage of proximity to Western Europe, proximity to golf courses and all gastronomic sites that Istria as a region provides, and because of these very solid starting points we decided to create an exclusive resort.

In the resort, all real estate is sold, so that each owner, be it an apartment, suite or villa, has the opportunity to decide whether to enjoy their residence all the time, or will see it as an investment and use it only part of the year and the other part to give the hotel management their property for management - said the architect Bručić.

He explains that they sought to create uniqueness in that exclusivity.

- On the roof of the apart-hotel is the longest infinity pool on the roof of any building in Europe, or the second longest in the world just behind the infinity pool at the top of the Marina Bay Hotel in Singapore. The length of the infinity pool on the roof of the Marina bay hotel in Singapore is 150 meters, and the length of our infinity pool on the roof terrace of the Petram resort and residences hotel is 105 meters. Then, on that "boyfriend", apart from the exclusive pool that "sits" in two separate parts, so it floats in one part and cantilevers out to get an even stronger infinity feeling, there is a high end wellness, with a sea view, a gym with sea ​​view, and an exclusive restaurant that has a sea view in a radius of 270 degrees. I should not mention that we have a total of 252 real estate units and that each has a sea view, and the properties themselves have three furnishing and interior designs - luxury, eclectic and Mediterranean, so that each buyer can choose the direction he likes best, explains Brucic.