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23000 Zadar, zadar, murvica donja

Office Rental Fee (m2 / month + VAT)

7 €

Available Office Space:

450 m2

Min. Office Space for Rent: 20 m2

Spatial Data
Office Building Category: A category
Building Status: Construction Planned
Office Space in Total: 450 m2
Min. Office Space for Rent : 20 m2
Available Office Space: 450 m2
Rentable Offices : 450 m2 1000 m2
Financial Information
Office Rental Fee : 7 €/m2/month + VAT
Min. Rental Period: 1 year
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Other spatial data
Rentable storege space: 1.000 m2
Rental fee: 3  -  4 €/m2/month + VAT
Type of Parking Spaces Parking Fee
Additional Info
Year of Construction: June 1, 2001
Location of business building: Murvica Donja
Murvica Donja located on state road Zadar-Rijeka-Zagreb, and the same is connected to the input on the A1 motorway Zadar-west. Zadar is a state road 2km, distance from airport is 2km.
Production and sales showroom facility in Murvica to implementing urban plan residential and commercial and manufacturing purposes. Building land has a total surface of 4.205 m2.
In the immediate vicinity are also business facilites: Metro, Lesnina, Supernova, Dalmat and others.
Entrance to the lot is on the northwest side and the internal regulation of divorce on the grounds that according to sales axhibition of the building and manufacturing part of the building.
Parking for cars is positioned on the eastern side of the parceli n front of the sales and exhibition area of the building.
The facility consists of a part of the show-which floor plan 15,30x30,50m, two storeys and manufacturing ground floor of the objekt type floor plan 20,40x30,30m separated by a passageway dimensions 4,70x30,00m.
All external doors and hardware is made of aluminium with an interruption of cold bridges and glazed insulated glass.
The interior doors are standard dry mounted.Internal processing of courtain walls, columns, beams and ceilings of the renders fine troweled and painted interior paint in bright hues.
The floors are made on floating screed and tiled ceramic tiles. The walls in the sanitary facilities are up to 2m in height covered with ceramic tiles and floors of the same anti-skid ceramic tiles. The office floors are derived as in showroom. The facade is plastered with plaster and covered the final textured siliceous in light shade.
The entrance to the sales part of the building located on the east facade of two inputs. In the northern part of the area there is a small office cafe, cloakroomwith shower and two toilets (male and female).
On the first floor double staircase leads width of 130cm with intermediate landings width 170cm all width 30MB and reinforced with RA 400/500 to the static calculation. The stairs are paved with polished granite, a fence is constructed of stainless steel metal.
On the first floor is the floor plan layout area identical to the first floor, and on the north side has two offices, a kitchenette and two bathrooms (male and female). The second floor has one toilet.
Net usable area of the ground floor retail showroom is part 440,50m2 , and first floor is 440,50m2, while net usable area second floor is 441,80m2.
Construction of the sales area of the building is AB skeletal frames with columns of dimensionse 50x30 cm, and 30x30 cm and 30x80 cm concrete beams or 30x50 cm facade infill brick block ud=25 cm masonry in lime mortar. The ceiling joists are filled with AB plates d=14 cm.
The layout of the orthogonal grid with intervals pillars of 5.00 m, and 10.00 m total area of 15x30 m. Structural elements of the skeleton are AB pillars dimensions 30x50 cm na which are derived AB beam dimensions 80x30 cm and circumferential dimensions 30x30 cm columns over which derived AB beam dimensions 50x30 cm in the other orthogonal direction.
AB floor joists of the floor and first floor and ground floor werw perfomed as continuous slabs range 5,00x5,00 m, 14 cm and 30MB derived reinforced MA 500/560, supported on a reinforced concrete beam dimensions 30x80 cm and 30x50 cm derived from 30MB and reinforced RA 400/500 all according to static calculation..
The panel flat roof is designed as a continuous AB slab 14 cm was perfomed with 30 MB and reinforced with MA 500/560. The panel flat roof rests on AB beam dimensions 45x50 cm derived from 30MB and reinforced with RA 400/500 all positions in the static calculation.
The roof structure is a gable slope 50 made of steel profiles with the major carriers at a distance of 5.00 m and beams of the roof surface at a distance of 2.50 m and horizontal wind-drivenspregovima. The cover is galvanized sheet metal.
The roof is up to the surface and a good position to set up photovoltaic 30kWp, conected power 30kWp/installed capacity 33kWp with an annual production of approximately 42,4 MWh.
The foundation of the building was carried out on the basic rates dimensions 2,5x1,2 m, for the primary AB pillars and foundation footings dimensions 100x100 cm for peripheral AB pillars that are associated with fundamental strip section 60x80 cm as coupling beams to ensure the seismic impact.
The foundations are made with 25 MB and reinforced with RA 400/500 to all sections given in the statistical calculation. The foundation was performed after excavation construction pit to a compact and solid rock.
The property is situated in the hinterland of Zadar region in the field of geomorphological well layered limestone structure outside the domain of reverse faults and in the field in the treatment of dynamic loads such VII seizmic zone.
The building is supplied with water from the local network and waste drains into the waterproof septic tank.
The building is connected to the electricity grid, and electric lighting in all rooms.

The production part of the building is halls dimensions 20x30 m grids on peripheral AB pillars at 5.00 m and two central pillars AB stupa 30x40 cm at a distance of 10.00 m nad which perform supporting AB continuous beams which take the load from the steel roof structure.
The steel roof structure was designed as a gable slope 50 made from steel roof rack IPE 270 of which are in the opposite direction to perform a secondary carriers roof panels-purlins from steel section HOP 140x80x5 spaced 250 cm.
On the first side grids are derived horizontal wind bracings of steel L–section 70x70x7 which nodal plates are linked to the main roof rails.
Cover the objekt of the roof polyurethane panels d=12 cm, which are screwed onto the carrier panel. Cladding panels are interconnected screw connection and bond for roof roofing running and side seams. Roof racks on the bearings welded to a steel base plates that are connected by anchor bolts in concrete beams AB.
Between prodaction hall and sales showroom of the canopy in a continous decline as well as a roof over their production hall 5 of the steel roof structure that relies on edge beams halls and pillars of the sales area of the buiding. Canopy is made of sttel roof beams IPE 220 beams and roof panels HOP 140x8x5 all performed as previously described for the hall.
AB pillars hall measuring 30x40 and 30x30 cm were perfomed with 30 MB reinforced with RA 400/500. Facade AB beam dimensions 30x80 and 40x80 and 30x85 cm central beam dimensions derived from MB 30 and reinforced with RA 400/500 all of static calculation.
Facade wall fulfill built with modular hollow brick blocks at a thickness of 25 cm masonry in lime mortal.
The foundation of the building was carried out on the basic rates of dimensions 100x150 cm AB columns that are associated with the main strip section of 40x80 cm. The foundations are made with 25 MB and reinforced with RA 400/500 to all sections given in the stati calculation. The foundation is made in the rock as well as dales showroom facility.

Manager: Ante Bačić
Mob: 098 734 337
Mob: 095 55 16 978
Fax: 23 276 236
E mail: [email protected]
Location of business building: Murvica Donja, Zadar, Croatia
Murvica Donja located on state road Zadar-Rijeka-Zagreb, and the same is connected to the input on the A1 motorway Zadar-west. Zadar is a state road 2km, distance from airport is 2km.
  • Boutiques
  • Cafe
  • Parking for guests
  • Pharmacy
  • Retail area
  • Supermarket
  • Public transport
Technical details
  • Storage areas on the underground level
  • Switchboard
  • Utility meters
  • Openable windows
  • Wooden doors
  • Tilt windows
  • PVC windows
Building provided services
  • Real estate administration and management

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