The city administration is in a Zagreb daily newspaper announced a new tender for the lease of office space owned by the City. In order to better inform the public, we bring the most important details.

He is currently on offer for rent 41 premises, including the range of the initial price of monthly rent ranges from 5,208 kuna to 137 kuna, which is the initial lease for 28 square feet of retail space in the courtyard Dragon Jovina in the Lower Town, which is intended for storage.


Say and how to build in the contest crept one mistake, and the mixed numbers in pubs Kapucinska 30 on the fifth floor, and, according to published contest turned out to be the starting price for the 1,342 square meters, only 51 kuna, and in fact it is 51 square meter to 1,342 kuna per month. The same place in April was offered to 692 per month.


And say that the majority of these establishments are also found in the competition another 30 April this year, and for the most part bars price is exactly the same as the competition from six months ago. Currently, the lease provides six offices in the underpass at Ante Starcevic Square and it is for such of 73 square meters and set the highest starting price of 5,208 kuna.


One of the most attractive office space in this contest is definitely one at the roundabout, and in passing the senior consisting of 125 square meters on two floors, and that the initial cost of 3,519 kuna.


City this time will not accept offers of those companies that account in the last six months was blocked for more than 30 days, a written offer can be sent to the City to 16 October Detailed information about the offered premises and conditions of the competition can be found on the website of the City,