“The fact is that there is interest in real estate. Something unexpected happened - the corona was supposed to lead to a negative price correction, and they started to be positive, ie to increase in price. One of the reasons is inflation, ie the fact that the states have released a large amount of money into circulation and the part of people who have the funds is looking to save the value of money and buy real estate, and the price of construction materials is rising. It has risen between 25 and 30 percent this year and this will affect the price per square meter in the coming period. ”

He says that it is not possible to predict how far the price limit will rise, it will ultimately determine the purchasing power of citizens, writes N1.

"It may happen that the prices of materials rise, but the purchasing power of citizens does not grow. Prices can rise to the point where citizens can buy real estate. If prices rise too much and citizens cannot keep up with it, then we will have a stagnation in the market that is already easily seen. APN was a big demand generator in September, now it is gone and it can be seen that demand is lower than last year. Prices can rise, but I can't go to heaven because then the question is who will buy these properties ", adds Vujović.

He points out that foreigners are particularly interested in real estate on the coast:

“Every year, an average of about 30% of all sales are made to foreigners. There is interest, especially after the corona and the situation that people can work from home. There is great interest in real estate on the coast and in this context, real estate prices in Croatia are cheap compared to Germany, Austria and Slovenia. Foreigners' interest in coastal real estate has increased. ”

He adds that the more luxurious real estate is doing better: “It has been seen in the last period that the more luxurious the real estate, the better it goes and the easier it is to sell. There are not many such customers, but for some money is not a problem. Average real estate is the most represented, but there is a greater demand for luxury real estate than before, but their market share is still small in relation to the total turnover. "

As far as renting is concerned, luxury real estate is doing the best, as well as luxury boats, Vujović points out.

"The more luxurious the property, the greater the interest and the harder it is to find such a vacant property, even though there is no free bed on the coast now," he says, adding that there is a growing interest in the hinterland:

"There is a growing interest in the hinterland, especially in Istria. It will be easier to rent a house with a swimming pool 15 km from the sea than an apartment 15 meters from the sea. Strangers want intimacy, isolation and not mixing with a large number of people, that has changed since the crown. ”

Source: Seebiz.hr