All these reactions come in response to the need to promote sustainability and involvement in the circular economy, the company says.

"The Eco Ville solution for efficient waste management is accessible starting today, just a click away, in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. The Eco Ville app is aimed at citizens and local authorities, offering state-of-the-art technology that enables cities to revolutionize waste management practices. The application belongs to the TechBolide company, the brand defined by responsibility, innovation, and the digital integration of solutions for processes and operations aimed at the circular economy", the company announced.

Eco Ville, the application that revolutionizes waste management for local authorities, has already taken the necessary steps from the pilot application phase to the evolved degree and operates with significant benefits in Bihor, an extensive area of ​​the territory of Romania, is in the stage of testing in France as well.

The advantages are observed for all 3 parties involved: responsible authorities and county councils, the community interested in environmental health, and sanitation operators. Each party easily interacts with the application using intuitive user interfaces, and the entire region enjoys a sustainable environment – ​​clean air, beautiful and protected nature – due to the advantageous organization and optimized communication provided by Eco Ville.

"The key principles of collaboration involve shared vision and interest. Our infrastructure is scalable, we have their support, and we are now listed on the Azure Marketplace. The Eco Ville application runs on Microsoft infrastructure that provides exactly the scalability and agility that everyone aspires to. Technological convergence is mandatory today - that's why, together with Microsoft, we can ensure all customers access to digitization, TechBolide products and services", says Mădălina Smochină, CEO and Founder of TechBolide.

Azure Marketplace is an online platform where cloud solutions certified to work with Azure are bought and sold. Azure Marketplace helps companies looking for cloud-based solutions connect with partners who have developed ready-to-use solutions.

"It can be said that Microsoft is encouraging the product marketing area, which is why we have built a strong marketing strategy: from the Eco Ville LP to online educational and commercial campaigns, and the IT shows with the widest audience; from interviews in prestigious publications to video demonstrations and social media content aimed at popularizing the best-performing products that require the translation of technical jargon into accessible language. We firmly believe that digitization and involvement in the circular economy concern us all", says Georgiana Bădălică, Top Executive and Marketing Strategist.