Domagoj Ivan Milosevic, Deputy Prime Minister for investment, these days the star of the property card crowded with dozens of real estate, had a rare public appearances.

Therefore we present his intriguing performance from 2009, which was indeed offered to the public and the site of his company, where as an entrepreneur and leader of the CEA is about how to bring investors and promote housing construction, among other things, call the state to help housing builders. Two years later, he was, that became part of the state apparatus ... Will, therefore, help the industry from which he comes, and the fruits of which was already presented in his declaration of assets?

As the Deputy Prime Minister Domagoj Milosevic shuns journalists present, and almost makes no representations, it is interesting to at least listen to his economic thinking of the past, and to real estate as one of the most important national resources, complemented by invocation of state intervention to help investors and builders in the past propulsive, now virtually frozen housing. Considering that in the meantime has become the second man of the Government, may help Milosevic as an entrepreneur, an investor in residential construction, just a model who has proposed two years ago.

Visiting 2009th in HTV show "Croatia Live 'in the role of Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the CEA, in a rather extensive topic of whether Croatia should sell their national wealth?, Milosevic has been observed that, except for forest and water, it is real estate is one of the most important national resources .

On the issue manager Peter Vlahov: "How do you see for investors in Croatia, for example in housing?, Viewers remain deprived of the detail that the head of the CEA and Milosevic was also an investor in residential construction. Familiar with the situation because to be nice to do his thesis that in Croatia, fortunately, real estate prices were inflated. "Compared to other countries, we are at an advantage because we had a bubble in real estate as well as some other countries. The banking system is stable and martens, as investors seem relatively safe, 'satisfied with the situation in one of its diverse industry.

Leader then the question: 'What the government could do to help the investors, for example in housing? no indication Milosevic, but to the second Zoran Kovač, who signed on a teleprompter as Director Sigma Center. Milosevic it is not only a colleague in the TV studio, but what viewers may not know, in real life - that's just the owner of the company Kovac sits as a director. Although Kovac, well perceiving the future, noted that it is better to question the government's responses to help fellow Milosevic, however, complained about the lack of positive charge in the media that people really like the fact that they remain unemployed, discouraged from buying apartments. 'Waiting on a permanent price drop, but as a fellow Milosevic said, we did not have the real estate bubble, inflated prices, "commented Kovac, CEO and co-owner along with Milosevic Sigma Center, a company that is on the former location of the factory built housing Pastor settlement.

The show was briefly diverted the topic of hunting and buy hunting, but after talking with a man in a green vest and observations of analysts Branimir Lokin Risk Bargains Family Silver, Vlahov given another chance to Milosevic to underline how the government could help in housing and real estate.

Today Vice Prime Minister, but then had a vision plan for government assistance housing, so it will be interesting whether he would now try to implement in the work: 'Some countries have reduced the VAT, which the housing market is made more liquid, the other which is pretty smart issued state guarantees for buying apartments for young families, so that banks feel safer. We currently have not done anything, "detected a problem Milosevic.