As the interlocutors of Jutarnji list explain, in fear of galloping inflation, the money earned in the season will not be spent in the long term, as was usual, but "quickly", so that the value of the money does not fall.

Investing in real estate is the safest and most acceptable way for our climate. Such a model of behavior will further encourage the imminent introduction of the euro, and those with undeclared guests or cash that they cannot easily justify will also exchange money for real estate. And such demand, they believe, will lead to a new rise in real estate prices, which already broke records this year.

Inflation will continue to increase due to the expected global increase in energy prices, but also other factors, such as negative interest rates, estimates economist Željko Garača, who believes that it is not realistic for inflation to drop from the current 12.3 percent to the projected two percent by the end of the year. how much.

He predicts that the money that the owners of tourist trades, companies and enterprises mainly kept in accounts and planned long-term investments in previous years, as well as the money earned in this year's tourist season, will now begin to be spent rapidly due to the fear of being eaten.

If the whole of Europe is facing a crisis and difficult days, Croatia will not be spared either, but unlike the rest of Europe, it is in a specific situation: entering the Eurozone and Schengen, so economic activities and plans will be marked by this to a large extent. .

A small percentage of Croatian citizens have always been interested in buying stocks and bonds as a method of saving, in addition to traditional mistrust, many also have bad experiences, so real estate is the only way to save money, writes Jutarnji List journalist Željka Godeč.

Source: Jutarnji list / Seebizz