Through our warehouse information website in several European countries, we bring together warehouse seekers, property owners, agents and all those involved in the leasing process and provide them a platform for open communication and online interaction. We offer the shortest way to find or let out a warehouse, which has always been our main goal in the real estate market.   


“The portal presents various options of warehousing, logistics and all other categories in great detail, thereby it creates a new trend in the region. The network gives tenants and warehouse owners a unique opportunity to access the Polish warehouse market information” said István Harkácsi, Managing Partner at

“One of the Poland’s greatest advantages is its strategic location bordering with Germany, Czech Republic and Slovakia. Many companies have realized that Poland’s location provides an easy access to other European countries and creates a boost in business. A well-chosen warehouse location, close to a manufacturing base, target market, packaging plant or a railway junction, can provide a competitive edge by saving money, fuel and time. and his English version can help with this quickly, easily and efficiently” added Craig Smith of


About Us

Our Group aimed at creating an intelligent online communication platform by designing and developing the first independent office and warehouse search network, which ensures a more focused and more continuous communication for landlords and lessors of commercial real estate. Our goal is to shorten the route between an office searcher and an office owner in the most effective and comprehensive way. Check &