Mayor Ivan Radić assesses cooperation with the IT community as excellent and emphasizes the goal of creating a synergistic effect among companies in the IT center so that some of them can grow into much larger ones in the future and employ more employees. "Public consultation is underway and will soon end; the decision will then go to the City Council in May, and we can expect new tenants in the building as early as June." County Prefect Mato Lukić said that conditions for economic development are being created both in the City and in the County. "We've been doing this all along, and the results are excellent. This year, compared to last year, there have been 635 more business openings, which is above the national average. We continue in this direction for the opening of new jobs and retaining existing ones. Demographic indicators are very important to us." State Secretary in the Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds, Domagoj Mikulić, emphasizes that the IT park will soon become home to a larger number of IT professionals and IT companies from this area. "I am pleased that the ministry has participated with over 4 million euros in such a project financed through the ITU mechanism. The goal is for Osijek, as the center of an urban area, to connect other municipalities around the city. The development of Osijek continues through the new ITU mechanism fund, in which the City is allocated 55 million euros." Director of the OS Center, Antonio Lozančić, emphasized the significant value of the modular conference hall, which can be divided into three spaces with a total capacity of 305 seats. "We also have a coworking space with 32 units, recognized worldwide, and 32 office spaces ranging from 17 to 90 square meters, which I believe will soon be filled. It is a requirement that participants from the IT sector take part in the tender. The initial rent will be 8 euros per square meter plus a fixed 2 euros for utility costs." President of Osijek Software City, Mihael Tomić, praised the project as the culmination of cooperation between the city, Software City, and the IT sector. "I believe that the entire IT park in Osijek gives additional weight to the IT industry in our region. It keeps Osijek on the map of the IT industry and professionals who can deliver excellent projects through their knowledge and skills. Although we mention a number of 1500 employees, we do not include companies that do not have headquarters in Osijek-Baranja County. There are many of them here, including major players who have over 5000 employees in Croatia and are recognized worldwide. Such companies bring diversity; Osijek is not closed within its shell but, through the exchange of experiences and ideas in the community, expands its knowledge and will create even better products."