We have the solution for you! WORK OUT at WORK PLACE!

When we mention this word, objections are coming without thinking: „ I already know that BUT....! I have no time and I don’t want to be exhausted and sweaty in the office!

But Lets try those 5 simple office exercices !

Not time consuming, no difficulties, no special equipment needed…So no excuses!    


1.      Namaste


-          Seat upright with feet flat on the floor

-          Bring the palms together in front of the chest and push both hands together  

-          Hold it in this position for 15 seconds

-          Release and repeat it as 5 times


2.      Leg raise:


While working on your computer do the leg raise exercise.

-          Straighten both of your legs while you are seating, lift them and hold in position for five seconds. Alternatively you can raise them separately

-          Repeat 5 times

-          The advantage is that probably no one will notice you are doing it


3.      Leans

While waiting near the printer or for the meeting do not lose your time.

-          Make the leans against the nearest wall, supporting your body with the forearm only.

-          Lean into the wall until the upper arm almost touches it, and then push back out

-          Repeat 5 times


4.      Stand up with one leg:


While standing up from your chairs.


-          As simple as that just stand up on one leg with no hands

-          Repeat 5 times

-          Put your site as down if it is too easy



5.      The Toe Touched:


-          While seating strengthen your legs, and reach out to try to touch your   


-          Raise both of your shoulders at the same time

-          Hold for 5 seconds and then release

-          Repeat 5 times


We hope you find our tips useful and you are ready to implement them at your office. Try those exercises and share with your colleagues, send us how it helped you and changed the way you feel.



Adrienn Konkoly, Head of Marketing & Communication at www.officerentinfo.com , semi-professional triathlete, Ironman.