The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina on Wednesday issued a decision on the sale of real estate owned by the company "Energoinvest" and "Agrokomerc" located on the Croatian territory, it was confirmed after the government session held in Sarajevo. 

This decision is to be defined through a process called. small-scale privatization will be sold "Energoinvest" gas stations and offices that are located in different parts of the Croatian. In the same way the sale will be offered and the office building of the company in Serbia. 

According to an estimate commissioned by the federal government and spent her evaluator house PBZ Zagreb Real Estate, the value of "Energoinvestovih" property in Croatia that will be offered for sale was 6.604.000 euros. 

The Government has decided that the property will not be sold below this price. 


Management "Energoinvest" sale has proposed an explanation of how the offered property not acquired revenue, and creates maintenance cost. 

Four business premises "AGROKOMERC" that are sold separately are in Karlovac, and their value is not specified. 

Government's decision on Thursday will be offered for sale by eleven properties in Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia, which are owned by the Tobacco Factory Sarajevo.