Companies that incorporate sustainability into their day-to-day practices also strive to participate in creating a more environmentally friendly future. Many companies strive to adopt sustainable business models, such as conserving resources and reducing waste, and are always looking for a way to be environmentally conscious.

An area that is very important is cleaning. Many conventional cleaning products contain chemicals that adversely affect humans, animals and the environment. Chemicals in cleaning products can cause health problems. After using the product, they are usually rinsed in the drain. Water purification plants can get rid of some contaminants, but not all. These pollutants are then flushed into our rivers and lakes, where they can have a negative impact on wildlife, the environment, and consequently on us.

This is why more and more companies are incorporating eco-cleaning into their business practices.

What is eco cleaning?

Environmentally friendly cleaning is when you use cleaning methods and procedures designed to preserve human health and the environment. This usually means using products that contain environmentally friendly ingredients. Most green products are also produced in an environmentally friendly way and are biodegradable.

Most green cleaning products have a label on the packaging that indicates that the company that manufactures that product has met certain environmental and performance standards. However, it is important to remember that some companies can only obtain this label by donating for environmental purposes or using recycled packaging while their products still contain harmful chemicals. You should always check what the ingredients of the product are to make sure it is environmentally friendly. Avoid products that use phosphates, chlorine, artificial fragrances and artificial colors. They have been proven to cause headaches, and since you spend at least 8 hours in the office, try to reduce or eliminate them from your cleaning practice.

Real eco cleaning products will clean your space as well as conventional cleaners.

How to switch to eco products?

If you want to introduce eco-cleaning, and you have a cleaning service, ask them to slowly switch to eco-friendly products. If you have cleaning people, get yourself environmentally friendly products.

Aren't eco products more expensive?

No, not necessarily. Depending on where you buy your products, you can get them at about the same price as conventional products. For any additional advice, contact Servis Eko Dom in person via email.