"Garbage will no longer be a problem, it will be green energy!", he says.

Thus, on the agenda of the next meeting of the Cluj County Council, there will be a draft decision approving the purchase of a molecular disintegration treatment facility for the energy recovery of municipal waste.

"It is a revolutionary stage in terms of solving the problems related to the way of waste management in the county. Following this step, waste will no longer be a problem, but will be transformed into an alternative green energy resource, which will also generate additional income for the County Council. In addition, it will represent an ecological, modern solution", says the president of the Cluj County Council, Alin Tișe.

The installation is a modular one, which will allow the treatment by disintegration of the waste left after sorting and mechanical treatment. They will be shredded and disintegrated in the respective facility, which will lead to the producti0on of gas (syngas), which will be transformed into electricity that will be delivered to the national energy system, also leading to additional income for the County Council.

The novelty and opportunity lie in the possibility of complete treatment by disposal, which will reduce the amount of residual waste that is now deposited in the existing landfill, the new system representing a first at the national level.


Source: Green-forum.eu